Raising Kanan Season 2: When Will It Premiere?

Raising Kanan Season 2: Raising Kanan, fans were taken back to the ’90s to learn about 50 Cent’s abusive upbringing. The teenage Kanan Stark, played by Makai Curtis, is thrust into the criminal underground and soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Fans are questioning how he got to where he is now that he is a convicted killer. Kanan’s story teaches us how.

What’s ahead for the youngster now that the first season has ended? Until further notice, the following is all we currently know about the newest member of the Power family.

When Will The Raising Kanan Season 2 Premiere?

Raising Kanan Season 2 has been confirmed, and the wait is over! On Sunday, August 14, new episodes will be available on STARZ (and STARZPlay in the United Kingdom). They’ll be on once a week. They were so sure of the show’s success that the second season was announced in July 2021 — more than a week before the first premiered.

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They were already recording fresh episodes at the end of that month, which will likely speed up the release dates. Kanan Stark’s mother Raq is “a tough and successful woman who is a force of nature,” says Starz CEO and President Jeffrey Hirsch in a statement announcing the following season. According to the worldwide interest in more of the Power Universe, a sequel to Kanan’s story is needed.

All we know at this point is that it will premiere sometime in 2022, and that’s it. This means that Raising Kanan could be released in conjunction with the first season of the show, which lasted from July to September last year. Stay tuned, and we’ll update you as soon as we learn more.

Who Will Play Kanan In the Upcoming Raising Kanan Season 2?

Mike Curtis will reprise her role as Kanan, and Patina Miller will keep the role of Raquel. As a result of their passion for music, Lou-Lou, Marvin, and Jukebox (Hailey Kilgore) have returned to the family company. Omar Epps, who survived the incident, will reprise his role as Detective Howard.

Raising Kanan season 2
Raising Kanan season 2

We may anticipate seeing the return of several other actors from the series, including Unique star Joey Bada$, Symphony star Toby Sandeman, Shanley Caswell star Shannon Burke, and Shawn Figueroa actor Antonio Ortiz, among others. Several more cast members have also been confirmed.

Included in this are the following:

The character of Renée Timmons, Marvin’s anger management therapist, is played by Hamilton star Krystal Joy Brown. Paulina Singer portrays Zisa, an up-and-coming singer who hopes to make her mark on Lou-Lou and Crown’s (Quincy Brown) record company. This episode features Queen Sugar actor Omar Dorsey in the role of businessman Cartier ‘Duns’ Fareed.

Palomar, a new neighbor of Famous’s, is played by Sistas KJ Smith, the mother of Corinne, a young girl who is usually confused for her elder sister. Jukebox’s mother and Marvin’s ex-girlfriend, Grammy-winning LeToya Luckett, portrays Kenya in the film. She now lives in Harlem and attends church regularly.

Raising Kanan Season 2: What’s In Store?

Season two of Raising Kanan will pick up right after Kanan’s failed assassination attempt on his father, Detective Malcolm Howard, left him estranged. To protect him from learning of his would-be victim’s true identity, his mother, Raquel, had him shoot the cop and then leave him for dead. Despite Kanan’s belief that he has killed someone, we have learned that Malcolm survived the gunfire and is now awake.

Raquel, on the other hand, sought to implicate Unique in the crime, despite the fact that he had already been arrested. To protect his son, is it likely that the detective will cooperate with the scheme and reveal the truth to his wife and son? It’s been a while since Kanan was last seen in South Jamaica; he’s currently hiding away in Maryland.

In the beginning, Raquel tried to keep him out of her drug trafficking business, but she was later seen taking him into the family business. Kanan’s psychology will be shaped by everyone’s actions, according to Mekai Curtis in the forthcoming episodes, who teased the theme. According to the description, “Raquel Thomas has seized control of the city’s drug trade, but her son is edging closer to escaping.

As Detective Howard’s lingering secret haunts him, Kanan Stark returns to Queens doubtful of his future with the family business and even more uncertain of his own past. “While Kanan is on the prowl for the truth, Raq is pushing the company’s boundaries and into an area controlled by the mafia. Despite Lou-desire Lou’s focus on his failing record company, Raq isn’t prepared to allow her plans to be thwarted because of his side hustle.

“Marvin is still Raq’s faithful soldier, but he’s struggling to gain Jukebox’s forgiveness and become the father he never was. However, Raq will do everything he can to keep this family together, no matter the cost.”

Is There A Trailer For Raising Kanan Season 2?

Yes! Ahead of the film’s official debut, a teaser trailer was released. The teaser makes no mention of Unique, which is telling. Do you think Raquel’s approach has been successful, though? Are they just biding their time till they can get their hands on Raquel? We’re intrigued despite the lack of specifics in the teaser. Before the Raising Kanan Season 2 premieres, we’ll be posting any further information here.

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