State Government Prepares to Adopt 5G Technology for Administration

State Government Prepares to Adopt 5G Technology for Administration: The state administration is preparing to employ 5G connectivity for governance even though telecom corporations have got 5G spectrum licenses and 5G services are already undergoing testing in Gujarat states.

To make Gujarat the first state in the nation to formally adopt 5G network services for governance and government work, sources said that at the committee of secretaries (COS) meeting held last week, chief secretary Pankaj Kumar directed all secretaries, especially those handling the urban development, panchayat, and rural housing departments, to get ready to adopt 5G network services.

The chief secretary requested that the departments of urban development and panchayats identify every area in towns, cities, and villages where the state government will let private companies set up 5G network equipment. “The state administration has planned to provide spaces for 5G installations on roadsides in cities and government buildings and other structures in metropolitan regions.

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In addition to different places, panchayat buildings in the rural areas would be made available for installing 5G infrastructure, according to the sources.

The state administration is also thinking about a potential program in which it would lease or sell the property to 5G service providers. To encourage the expansion of the 5G network in the state, the government is anticipated to give concessional rate policies to 5G technology businesses.

State Government Prepares to Adopt 5G Technology for Administration
State Government Prepares to Adopt 5G Technology for Administration

The government may share usage of 5G technology at educational institutions likewise, said sources. The state administration has also allegedly requested all its ministries to draught an action plan for implementing the technology in day-to-day governance. In the coming days, all departments will have to report to the chief secretary with their intentions to implement 5G technology.

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