Kenny Chesney Concert Goer Dies After Denver Show (UPDATED)

Kenny Chesney is in a state of sadness following a terrible tragedy. Police and stadium officials confirmed to The Denver Post that a female fan died after falling down an escalator after the 54-year-old singer’s Saturday engagement at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.

“I was devastated to learn of the loss of someone after our show. There had been so much joy, so much heart coming from the people of Denver last night — and to hear this is heartbreaking,” Chesney informed the outlet. “Life is precious. Sharing music brings us together and that love we share makes us so much more.”

“For the lady who came to share that love, there are no words,” he added. “For her friends and family’s loss, I grieve with them and for them.”

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The woman, whose identity has not been released, was found dead on the concourse below after she fell from an escalator railing at about 10:52 p.m., according to police. Whether she was rushed to a hospital or died at the stadium is unknown at this time. The woman’s death is currently being examined as an accident, according to the media site.

It is not clear if alcohol was involved, but police spokesman Nate Magee tells the Denver Post that he believes the woman was not pushed or jostled before she collapsed. “To my understanding, there was none of that,” he told the outlet. “It was just an accidental fall, I don’t think anyone pushed her or anything like that.”

Empower Field also issued a statement telling the outlet, “We extend our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of the woman involved in the tragic incident.”

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