Nicki Minaj Exposed: The Rapper Reveals The “Ex Assistant’s” Identity over An Explosive IG Live Clapback

Times have got weirder and Nicki Minaj is not here to take fake news anymore. The rapper took to social media to clarify all the claims that had been made against her. People were firstly believing entirely about the Nicki Minaj exposed saga. But the “Anaconda” singer has spoken about her scandalous allegations. “Nicki Minaj exposed” started on Twitter that updated her personal life, her finances, and even her relationship with the artist. So, what is the matter with Nicki Minaj exposed, and how is the internet handling it?  

Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Assistant Exposed Her? What Actually Happened

The case of “Nicki Minaj exposed” was trending on Twitter when a thread consisting of screenshots taken from the stories of an Instagram user, Kate Miller, was posted. She claimed to be wrongly fired by the rapper herself, and she was Nicki’s ex-assistant. 

There were multiple claims against the rapper. 

“I am Onika’s ex-assistant, who she fired for absolutely no proof of fraud with her bank account,” “I’m exposing all files I have from working for her.”

Some of the darkest claims made under the Nicki Minaj exposed series are, “I have your tax refunds from 2021. When will we tell the Barbz you’ve owed the IRS 173 million since 2016? Renting homes is always the go-to for the Minaj residence.” 

“I’m exposing all files I have from working for her. Along with the voice messages she sent me regarding many different people, not just Cardi B.”

There were 20 screenshots, as seen in the Nicki Minaj exposed series. It did talk about Nicki’s beef, the fallout of friendship, and the attitude she has towards other artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B.

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The former assistant claimed to have preserved all the video recordings and audio clips. However, she didn’t provide any of the receipts. So, the entire scene remained unconfirmed and unverified.

Interestingly, the person behind Nicki Minaj’s exposed chain is now in question.

Please note after the Nicki Minaj exposed chain went viral, the account @katemiller_7 was removed. As a matter of fact, even the legitimacy and the identity of that person are in question. The photo that was in the profile was not that of Kate Millier.

Nicki Reacted To These Accusations

The “Super Bass” rapper was not going to hold it back. She went on Instagram to address the Nicki Minaj exposed claims. She was mockingly talking about all that has been going on the internet.

The rapper said, “Y’all, every day I learn that y’all getting dumber and dumber,” Nicki said before stating she recently saw someone share “a whole spreadsheet” to Twitter detailing, in her words, “what we about to do to get rid of Nicki.” “I am mind-blown that people are this fucking dumb, that people are believing that I got somebody that worked for me, and now they spilling tea. … It’s not even that, it’s that the tea sounds so fucking dumb.” “And for a person to believe it, you would have to be dumb. It’s clearly a kid.”

Nicki had all the right to be fuming with anger after such horrible claims were made. And the clarification further solidified the fact that she wants to get over such dumb rumors.

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What Is The Real Identity of The Person Who Spread Fake News About Nicki Minaj?

So who was the one initiating the Nicki Minaj exposed drama? The Shade Room took the investigation very seriously and revealed the identity. The photo that was used on account of Kate Miller was that of an author based in Colorado named Megan Feldman Bettencourt. She is a journalism professional as well as a public relations director.

But one thing to notice is that a person named Kate Miller does actually work for Republic Records as the Senior Vice President for Visual content. However, the real identity is still a mystery. 

It is safe to assume that the real identity will be out but as of now, do not believe any false claims. Numerous accounts claiming to be the real Kate Miller are emerging, so please avoid spreading any misinformation.

Stay tuned for more updates, Lee Daily.

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