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How The Tiktok ‘What Little Miss Am I’ Quiz Works: Is It Stealing Your Data?

How The TiktOk 'What Little Miss Am I' Quiz Works Is It Stealing Your Data

How The TiktOk 'What Little Miss Am I' Quiz Works Is It Stealing Your Data

Every social media user has seen the “Little Miss” memes by now. It has been dominating the internet, especially on Instagram and TikTok. The Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz is blowing up and the hashtags #littlemiss has garnered over 180.2 million views and #littlemissquiz got over 120k views. The Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz is one of the recent obsessions of the internet.

So, let us give you a little backstory of the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz and where it originated. The character Little Miss came from the children’s book series, “Mr. Men” that has been penned by famous English author Roger Hargreaves. The original publishing date of the series was August 1971. As per the data updated on the official website, there are as many as 93 Mr. Men and Little Miss characters that you can see throughout the series. “The New Statesman” claims that the book has sold over 250 million copies to date.

So, post that, and decades later, the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz has emerged, and now you can easily find out which Little Miss character you are. So, let us take a deeper dig into the world of the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz.

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What Is The Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz? How Does It Work?

To take the “What Little Miss A I” Quiz, you need to visit the official website that has been created. You will be getting seven different questions to answer after you enter your name. Some of the questions in the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz are like “Pick a random song that’s on my ‘Top 100’ playlist.”

Answer the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz that matches your taste. After all the seven random answers have been submitted, you will get the final results. 

What Is The Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz How Does It Work

It will let you know what Little Miss you are. It can be “Little Miss Narcissist,”  “Little Miss Overwhelmed,” “Little Miss Hates Answering Texts,” and more such quirky results.

You will learn about your characteristics based on the questions and a short description attached to it. Lastly, the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz will provide the user with advice. The Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz has not only been fun but has also gone trendy over the period. People are sharing it all over TikTok. 

The Little Miss memes started to be trending back in April. It is guessed by “The Sun” that the phenomena were first initiated by juulpuppy. However, Jamie Cohen, who is a media studies assistant at the prestigious CUNY Queens College stated, “some of these posts are earnest ways of expressing very hyper-specific trauma or emotion that probably can’t be talked about another way”.

As a matter of fact, the meme gave a twist to the classic Little Miss character. So, here are some of the top memes that describe the personality traits:

So, the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz took inspiration from that concept only. Now, you can find out what Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz is in just a few seconds.

Is The Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz stealing Your Data?

Some experts are afraid that the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz is here to steal your personal data without your knowledge. It will access your name and all the answers you have stated. But uQuiz, the creator of Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz, started that the users can request to delete the data. Once the users contact the site, actions will be taken.

In the privacy policy, it is stated, “You can always choose not to provide information to us, but this may mean that you are unable to access any or all features offered on our website,” “We try, wherever reasonably possible, to keep the amount and types of information collected to only what is required to perform the services provided by our website.

Now, you have all the information regarding the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz. So, the choice lies with you. If you want to join the Tiktok “Little Miss” Quiz trend, always keep your senses open.

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