Two Guests Aboard Celebrity Millennium Test Positive for COVID

Two Guests Aboard Celebrity Millennium Test Positive for COVID: Two passengers on board the Celebrity Millennium tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday. The freshly renovated Celebrity Millennium is the first “large ship” to depart from North America since the coronavirus outbreak began virtually shutting down the cruise industry in March. The ship departs from St. Maarten on a round-trip voyage to Barbados, Aruba, and Curacao.

The cruise line is currently sailing every journey with fewer than 50% of the ship’s average 1,800 passenger capacity. Approximately 600 passengers took standard COVID-19 tests onboard on Thursday and Friday because they had to do so to re-enter St. Maarten on Saturday morning. However, the line would not give an exact figure.

Celebrity Cruises said, “Today (Thursday, June 10), two passengers sharing a cabin onboard Celebrity Millennium tested positive for COVID-19 while undergoing the necessary end-of-trip testing.” The patients are asymptomatic, isolated, and under the care of our medical staff right now. We are tracking all possible contacts, hastening to test for everyone in close contact, and carefully observing the situation.

Celebrity Millennium is sailing with a fully immunized crew and passengers, and it adheres to stringent standards that go above and beyond CDC recommendations to safeguard the health and safety of its passengers. Before departing from St. Maarten this past Saturday, all passengers aboard Celebrity Millennium were required to provide evidence of immunization and the results of a COVID-19 test that was negative within 72 hours.

This incident proves that our stringent health and safety procedures safeguard our staff, visitors, and the communities we travel through.

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Travel Agent is on board, and we can tell that the atmosphere there seems to be very typical; there is no panic, and the atmosphere is still positive. During a sea day, people are out and about engaging in specific activities. They are discussing the matter but considering they have had vaccinations; they are not very concerned about exposure.

The two people who tested positive yesterday were, of course, also speaking, joking, and enjoying themselves. The two passengers who tested positive are being held in isolation in a section of the ship that is separate from the other guest quarters. Contact tracing is in progress, and those travelers will remain in isolation until a negative test is returned; only then will they be allowed to go.

Two Guests Aboard Celebrity Millennium Test Positive for COVID
Two Guests Aboard Celebrity Millennium Test Positive for COVID

Update: A Celebrity Cruises official informs us that those in close contact have tested negative and have been let out of quarantine. One of our travel experts told us that while she isn’t terrified, she is more worried about “the perception” her clients would have when they hear the news.

The media on board, according to one passenger who showed up for his test (which was required for re-entry into the United States after the cruise), is to blame for exaggerating this situation. He pointed out that the percentage of the two positives is so tiny compared to the total number of people on board, including crew and passengers.

According to Sharon Viotto, franchise owner of Cruise Planners in Rockville Centre, New York, “nothing has changed aboard the ship—everyone is positive and having a great time, and the protocols are working.”

“Testing has been well-planned and effective. The staff is still wearing masks, as usual; since the announcement, I’ve only seen a few adults and a few teens do so. I feel comfortable, and the activities and atmosphere onboard have not been affected by the heightened protocols and contact tracing capabilities because we are on a cruise ship.”

Many passengers onboard had the impression that COVID is here to stay and must be dealt with. The two positives, according to some, might have also been revealed on an airline, for instance, since cruise ships are often held to a higher standard than amusement parks, hotels, malls, and airports.

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