Did Ellen Pompeo leave Grey’s Anatomy Star?

The news about Ellen Pompeo leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” is on the internet. Fans are losing it and feeling like it is the end of an era. She became the face of the show “Grey’s Anatomy.” The actress has played the role of Meredith Grey since 2005, and it has been an experience of a lifetime. Many near-to-death experiences haunted Meredith in the show, but the character always found her way back. But still, there is bad news as well as good news. So, is Ellen leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” for real?

Is Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Grey, Living in “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Your favorite Ellen Pompeo may not be that frequent in the upcoming season of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Let us tell you that it is happening. The star has extended her exclusive deal for the ABC medical drama and will be featured as Meredith Grey yet again. However, this can be her one last season.

According to the TV line, ABC has confirmed that Ellen and the showrunner of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Krista Vernoff “inked new deals with studio ABC Signature, clearing the way for the long-running medical drama to carry on for at least one more season.”

Did Ellen Pompeo leave Grey's Anatomy
Did Ellen Pompeo leave Grey’s Anatomy

Fans were already worried that “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 18 would be the last season for Meredith. In an Insider interview, Ellen talked about how she tried hard “to focus on convincing everybody that it should end.” 

She even specified that it didn’t come from the point of lack of interest to continue her role in the show but a possible concern about what more the show has to offer without Meredith.

We all know how popular the show is. It has been over two decades since the show aired, and it is still one of the top shows in the history of television. On the other hand, Shonda Rhimes, who created the show, says there is more of Meredith’s story. She is not yet done with Meredith and stated, “I couldn’t be more excited that we get to keep telling the stories of Meredith, Bailey, Richard, and all of the other doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial for another season.

So, to give a state of closure to the fans, Ellen will be seen in only eight episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 19 out of the vast 20 to 23 episodes. Her role as a narrator, actor, and executive producer will still be included in the massively popular show “Grey’s Anatomy”. Thus nothing to worry about as Ellen will be just by your side.

Is Ellen Pompeo Starting on A New Show?

The good news is that even if you see less of Ellen in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 19, you will get to watch her in a brand new show. Ellen will start on a new limited series streaming on Hulu. The show’s name is still an Untitled Orphan Project. 

The series’ story is known to you as there has been a film based on the same incident before. This is a true story based on the lives of a Midwestern Couple. They adopted a girl whom they believed to be 8 years old. The couple will do their best to raise them and their three biological children.

However, things started taking a turn for the worst. Soon they discovered that the adopted child wasn’t someone safe to be with. When her actions raised questions about her story, tabloids came in, there were brutal questions, and the couple had to go to different lengths to defend themselves. They were dragged to courtrooms, and things worsened even at the cost of their marriage.

Though she is leaving the show, she had thoughts about her plans to leave “Grey’s Anatomy.” When Entertainment Tonight questioned if the show could succeed without Meredith, Ellen said, “Trying to reinvent the show and continually trying to reinvent the show is the challenge at this point, and listen, the show speaks to a lot of people, and the young people love the show. It’s inspired so many generations of healthcare workers, so I think for the young people, it’s a really good piece of content, and we’re going to try to keep it going for the young people, not necessarily with me, but keep it going beyond me.

So even if your favorite Ellen Pompeo is leaving, the show will still survive and do its best. And want to know more about her. Stay tuned to our website for more updates, Lee Daily.

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