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Uncle from Another World Characters: Is This Show Dropped On Netflix?

uncle from another world characters

uncle from another world characters

Netflix is bringing a new anime, and it is already becoming a hit. “Uncle from Another World” looks quite intriguing, and it has been adapted from a popular Japanese manga series written as well as illustrated by Hotondoshindeiru. The Atelier Pont d’Arc animation production company has taken charge of this show to make it a hit. Whereas, Shigeki Kawai is the director of the series and Kenta Ihara is going to be the composer and screenwriter. Besides, Kazuhiro Oota will be the character designer. But what impresses the audience most is the “Uncle from Another World” characters. The “Uncle from Another World” characters are winning over the hearts of the audiences. The show was primarily announced on 17th June 2021; since then, the hype has been created. 

So, find more about “Uncle from Another World” characters, the storyline, and all related information regarding the anime.

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The Release Date of “Uncle from Another World”

Good news, “Uncle from Another World” has been dropped on Netflix. The show premiered on 6th July 2022, and fans loved it. New episodes are dropping every week and keeping us hooked to it. This is one of the best-rated anime in recent years. When the first look photos were dropped, fans could already guess how good of a series it was going to be. But now that the series is out, the anime is living up to the expectations. What is more interesting is that “Uncle from Another World” characters are connecting with people. That has become the highlight of the entire anime series.

“Uncle From Another World” Plot

The interesting “Uncle from Another World” characters gives life to the storyline. The story starts with Yosuke finally waking up from a 17-years-long come. His nephew, Takafumi, was the first one to greet him. But the first impression was not how both the parties wanted to go. Yosuke was speaking in a language that was unknown to Takafumi. It felt like an alien language, and the nephew felt like Yosuke is still undergoing mental damage. But eventually, Yosuke won the trust of Takafumi by showing off all the supernatural abilities he had. Then they used that to make YouTube videos. 

It is quite an interesting story that makes “Uncle from Another World” characters bold and lively.

Now Yosuke is getting to know the modern world and all its ways to survive. But the creepy aura is still there. A new character Fujimiya was later introduced to the show, and it was obvious that the new character had a crush on Takafumi. So, to know more, watch the series but before that, read the synopsis.

“Seventeen years ago, Takafumi’s uncle fell into a coma, but now he’s back like a man risen from his grave. Soon, Takafumi discovers two bizarre things: His uncle treasures video games above all else, and, while comatose, he was actually transported to another world as some heroic guardian! Now, not only does Takafumi have to room with an uncle who is literally magical, but he also has to catch the guy up on two decades of history—smartphones, high-speed internet, modern anime tropes…and the traumatic outcome of the ’90s console war!”

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“Uncle From Another World” Characters

So, who are the “Uncle from Another World” characters we are so obsessed about? The characters and the voice actors make the entire show worthy of watching. So here is the list of “Uncle from Another World” characters that you will love to know:

uncle from another world characters

The “Uncle from Another World’s” Characters are been introduced in a fresh way with every new episode, and it is fun to watch how they are evolving.

The show is yet to wrap up as only a few episodes have aired. But with every new episode, you get to learn more about “Uncle from Another World’s” Characters. So, did you watch the series yet, or are you waiting to binge-watch it for an entire day?

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