Is Florence Pugh Still Dating Zach Braff?

Florence, 26, and Zach, 47, were first romantically linked in 2018, but the couple has attempted to keep their romance out of the public eye. Look into their relationship and see if they are still together by reading the information in the following paragraphs.

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff: Are They Still Together?

Photos of the Little Women actress embracing Will Poulter appeared on Monday, May 23, sparking speculations of a breakup. In photographs taken on their recent trip with pals to Ibiza, the actors appeared relaxed as they soaked up the sun. A blue bikini and a pair of black trunks were Florence’s choice of attire for the poolside.

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Florence couldn’t take her hands off Will as she applied sunscreen to his back as the two of them reconnected after their time on the set of Midsommar. A few hours after the Daily Mail published the images, Florence and Zach’s Twitter followers started speculating that the trip was a sign that their relationship was over and over again.

In reaction to the photographs, one commenter remarked about Florence and Will: “They’ve been all over each other in all the Ibiza pics.” Another Twitter user said, “Seems Florence Pugh and Zach Braff are no longer together.” Another admirer asked, “HOLD ON. WHEN DID FLORENCE AND ZACH DIVORCE?”

Touch’s attempts for comment from Florence, Zach, and Will were not immediately returned.

What Did Florence Say about the Rumors That She Is Dating Will?

Florence took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, May 24, to dispel rumors that she was dating Will. “This is becoming ridiculous.” “No, Will Poulter and I are not in a relationship,” she explained. “We went to the beach with our pals, who are always approximately a half-meter distant from us in every shot but have been ingeniously clipped out/framed out to appear different.”

So many images have my closest pal in the corner and Archie’s arm at the sides.” “I understand that the nature of this business is that your privacy is often absolutely demolished by paparazzi, but fabricating this material truly does more harm than good.” “Thank you for thinking we look hot… but that doesn’t imply we’re doing the sexy.”

Zach Braff Florence Pugh Split
Zach Braff Florence Pugh Split

What is Florence’s latest Statement Regarding her Bond with Zach?

It’s possible that neither Zach nor Florence would speak publicly about their split if the two had indeed called it quits. When Florence clapped back in response to a snide comment about their relationship in late December of the same year, the two began publishing pictures of themselves together on Instagram in early 2019.

While in Los Angeles for the filming of Lady Macbeth, the actress captioned a selfie of herself outside Greenblatt’s Deli with the hashtag “curingjetlag101.” According to a commenter who commented on Zach’s prince-emoji reaction, the Scrubs star is 44 years old. However, Florence soon shut down the haters by writing, “and still he got it,” along with an OK emoji.

As time went on, the Black Widow actress began to open up everything about their relationship. in a May 2021 interview with Elle UK, Florence stated that she has the right to socialize with and date whoever she chooses: “I’ve always found this portion of what individuals do to be a little strange.

Although I don’t mind people observing my work as an actor since I like it, no one has the right to lecture me on my personal life. A few months later, she told The Sunday Times that Zach might not be the man she “anticipated” to fall in love with. As for me, I’m not doing anything to make headlines or stories better since it’s my life, and I don’t care what people think.”

The Oscar-winning actress declared, “I want to be a person too!” “Going on someone’s page and s—thing on it is so bizarre to me.”Florence said, “That’s totally not my nature—to go and bully just for the pleasure of bullying.” Since the advent of social media ten years ago, we’ve become accustomed to this strange phenomenon.

Basically, people want to make Instagram a better environment, and they want to see better content. They are looking for inspiration and happiness. It’s perfectly alright with me if you don’t like me. Do not follow me if this is the case.” Zach’s birthday was celebrated in April 2022 by Florence in a nice Instagram message. A three-photo Instagram Story of Zachary Quinto and the couple’s rescue dog, Billie, read, “Happy Birthday Zachary.”

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