Chrissy Metz Talks Body Positivity and Her “This Is Us” Contract (Latest News)

Chrissy Metz Talks Body Positivity and Her “This Is Us” Contract: Since the first episode of the popular NBC sitcom This Is Us, Chrissy Metz has been a favorite of mine. I finally felt like I was adequately represented. When I was a young girl attempting to break into the business, I recall going to casting agents and being informed that, due to my size, I would never be a lead actor or actress. It has been encouraging to witness her disprove those critics until the series’ last episode in May 2022. She advises me that the key is to keep working toward your goals.

“How much I’ve changed in the past six years surprised me. I turned to Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby, the moment I stepped foot on the set and said, “Chris, I don’t know if I can do this.” He held my hand and was so sweet, and that only served to remind me that you need to dress appropriately and appear, “says Metz. “No matter what you’re doing, I believe that is the hardest thing. Start it, get up off the couch, and observe what happens.”

I can picture the anxiety a trailblazer like Metz would feel as she entered the spotlight and created a place in Hollywood for plus-size women that hadn’t been there before. Her 2018 memoir, This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today, details her personal experience with her relationship with her body and how it has affected other aspects of her life. Ultimately, despite society’s image of persons with larger bodies, she has felt more confident in who she is due to those encounters.

“I know our bodies are merely a vehicle and not who we are. Do we desire a car that makes us feel wonderful inside? Yes. And everyone has different problems, whether they’re health problems that prevent them from having a specific appearance and cause them to struggle with the idea of how we think we should look, “explains Metz. “I mean, especially with social media, I still experience that.

You browse through, and I had to curate my feeds, my algorithms, and everything else because I was wondering whether it was beneficial for me or detrimental. And if it does, I consider why it triggers me.”

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It serves as a helpful reminder that everyone is susceptible to the pressure of social media and the competition it fosters among users. Ultimately, we are all just people with incredibly complex emotions that we all struggle to manage. We spend a lot of time on social media, so we must filter our feeds in a positive way that makes us feel good. Metz has remained present as a result, which only serves to advance her.

“If we don’t love the person we are right now, I don’t think we can achieve where we want to go. If not, you’ll remain there and believe that you’ll never reach the subsequent milestone, point, or chapter. It is an ongoing process, “she claims. There are great days and days when you think, “Oh boy, I have a lot of work to do.”

It may seem as though you aren’t always granted the freedom to have those awful days after being acknowledged as a voice in the body’s positive movement. Metz admits that she didn’t set out to be viewed as someone who is always self-assured and pleased in their skin, even though she has been outspoken about the delight she finds in representing the community.

Chrissy Metz Talks Body Positivity and Her This Is Us Contract (Latest News)
Chrissy Metz Talks Body Positivity and Her This Is Us Contract (Latest News)

“It’s fascinating. I never imagined being referred to as such, but I believe that much of my portrayal of Kate Pearson on the show was dictated by the category they intended to place me in. And that’s okay because I enjoy it when I can uplift and encourage others, “She clarifies. “But it becomes challenging because you can be the blazing beacon people turn to for encouragement. And you say, “But my light is a little dull right now.” I have no idea from whence I get my power or charge.”

She says, “I am a human. Then I have to remember that Chrissy, you love other people because they are human, and it’s okay to be human, and I have no idea how to be anything else.” Because so much of what I do as a model and advocate revolves around my body and how I feel about it, I could completely relate to her in this situation. It’s up to us to demonstrate that larger bodies are necessary and beautiful in a field that has never embraced people with them. That doesn’t, however, take away from the difficulties that people deal with daily.

Metz has acknowledged that her mental health is a work in progress even though she is in the public eye. “On some days, I’m unsure of how to handle it. Especially because I’m beginning a new chapter in my life, it may be incredibly overwhelming and terrifying, “She says about the show’s conclusion. “Everyone saw me as Kate, but I plan to take on other roles and activities.

Of course, I hope people will continue to find my work entertaining. However, all I need to do is stay still where my feet are.” Recognizing that she has gone on the right road in her profession thus far helps Metz a little bit in that regard.

“In particular, on network television, our show This Is Us catalyzed having anything other than a straight size. When I worked at a talent agency, it was almost always a straight-sized family with blonde hair and blue eyes. And today we have people that never even speak to one other or whose plots have nothing to do with how much they weigh, “she claims. “However, there must be an increased representation of and attention paid to persons of color. I hope things keep changing since they are already changing.”

Metz is taking the chance to start a new experience as she teams up with Capital One Auto Navigator to travel for a live music tour, even though her acting career is still in the early stages. She claims that this is another long-held desire coming true.

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