Did Anyone Die At Woodstock 99? The Most Infamous And Notorious Music Festival Ever

Woodstock 99, or the Woodstock music festival of 1999, is still hailed as one of the most infamous events that have not only stirred the entire world but also led to some serious issues. Though Woodstock is a kind of festival that had earned a good reputation among the audience and attendees, the same didn’t happen for Woodstock 99. Netflix released the new Trainwreck: Woodstock’ 99 documentaries, and it has been hailed as Fyre Festival 2.0 but only more sinister. 

Netflix has a reputation for sinister documentaries for their subscribers. Over the years, they have released multiple serial killer movies, high-profile scandals, and more but this time, they have shifted the focus to the notorious Woodstock 99 festival. Netflix has released three-part limited series called Trainwreck: Woodstock 99, and the Netflix creators have created it using interviews of those who were behind the scenes of the infamous festival, were attendees there, and also combined some of the archival footage of that deadly and horrendous weekend of July 1999 or the Woodstock 99.

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What All Happened At The Woodstock 99?

Woodstock 99 has gone down in history as one of the most dangerous and infamous festivals or concerts. It constituted so many different issues ranging from extraordinary environmental conditions to vandalism, chaos, greed, and sexual assault, followed by injuries and fires. Netflix has incredibly created the documentary series, showing us so many different angles of what went down on that day. Scenes of the documentary will not only shock and stir the audience, but the third episode will also raise a huge awareness of the extreme criminal behavior that took place that day.

Did Anyone Die At Woodstock 99
Did Anyone Die At Woodstock 99

How Many People Died In The Woodstock 99?

The events of the Woodstock 99 will not fail to shock the audience who are learning about it for the first time. According to a report from Pitchfork, Woodstock 99 led to the deaths of as many as three people in the event itself. The three deaths include 24-year-old David Derosia, 28-year-old Tara Weaver, and a 44 years old man. Reports also suggest that Tara Weaver was hit by a car when she was trying to leave the concert while the unknown 44-year-old man suffered a cardiac arrest at the concert itself. On the other hand, the youngest victim of the 

Woodstock 99, David Derosia fell to the ground and collapsed while watching the performance of Metallica in a mosh pit. The cause of his death was diagnosed as hypothermia-linked to heat stroke along with other possible causes like obesity and an enlarged heart. But the autopsy report from the Onondaga County medical examiner ruled out possibilities of weight as a possible cause of death in the Woodstock 99. 

Probable Causes of Death And Injuries In The Woodstock 99

The concert took place in the month of July with temperatures reaching up to 38°C, and because of the outrageous crowd and mosh pit atmosphere, we can expect another 5-10°C of added heat to make it worse. Adding to that, the scarcity of water was a major issue that led to the difficulties of the attendees even more. According to Esquire, there was a minimum of 25 minutes of wait building up around the water fountains. The price of bottled water spiked as per the demand reaching up to $12 for a $4 drinking bottle.

What Else Happened At The Woodstock 99?

While the deaths at the Woodstock 99 were a major concern, a huge number of people also fell sick, were injured, and were taken unwell in the event. Pitchfork reported that as many as 1200 people were admitted onsite to the medical facilities in Woodstock 99. On the 24th of July, Saturday, as many as 125 patients were treated per hour on average at the two medical tents. Heat exhaustion and dehydration due to heatwave and lack of water raised an alarming situation in the event.

In addition to the death and injuries, horrifying accounts of sexual assault also came out of Woodstock 99. A Billboard magazine pointed out as many as five rapes and innumerable counts of sexual assault and harassment. All in all, the Woodstock 99 event turned out to be a nightmarish experience for a huge part of the audience.

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