Who Is Jamie Campbell Bower’s Girlfriend In 2022? Is She Jess Moloney?

After seeing him in “Stranger Things Season 4,” fans have gone crazy over Jamie Campbell Bower. He has become the heartthrob of a woman and why not? His good looks, charming personality, and amazing talent made us love him even as Vecna. Jamie is a British actor who nailed as the villain of the show, Vecna soon became the most hated but most favorite villain of the era. The overnight fame of the 33-years old actor had instantly put him under the radar of the fans and media. Now fans are interested to find out who Jamie Campbell Bower’s girlfriend is in 2022 or if he is single. We have all the details regarding Jamie Campbell Bower’s personal life and you will love the tea we have to serve. 

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Jamie Campbell Bower’s Girlfriend is Jess Moloney

Nothing pompous or grand, Jamie Campbell Bower’s girlfriend is just another usual girl whom he fell in love with for her personality. Jess Moloney who is a popular creative agent is the current girlfriend of Jamie Campbell Bower. The couple started dating lifelong back and it has been 18 months. Jess is 32 years old and she is the co-founder of Ice Studios along with Renell Medrano. It has been established as a community where artists can freely join. Currently, her business has offices in posh locations in New York and London.

As of now, Jess has a huge following of 28,000 followers on Instagram. She shares her professional life and works in her account. The agent posts images as well as photoshoots of her works with music artists, actors and many different celebrities. Besides, she is not very open about her personal life but never felt shy to show her love for her beau, Jamie. Jess posted a photo of her and Jamie looking good in chic clothing when they were attending the Saint Laurent fashion show in Marrakech, Morocco.

A Take on Jamie and Jess’s Relationship

 The couple started dating each other in 2021. They are so very compatible that they have fallen deeply in love. During the “Stranger Things 4” premiere, the couple made a red carpet entry and showcased their love. Of course, they are also never afraid to show PDA. Jamie and Jess were seen lip-locking in Malibu, California beach. They were having a beach outing and displayed their love to the world.

 According to a source who talked to Page Six, Jamie and Ruby Quilter, his ex-girlfriend had split two years ago in June. But everything seemed to be in favor of him since he is now deeply in love with Jess. The creative agent even shared in her Instagram story cheering for her boyfriend when he was on the late-night talk show with Jimmy Fallon. In fact, she then pans her camera on Jamie’s face and the actor blushingly says, “It’s me”. The love life of Jamie and Jess is thriving and in the future, we hope that it remains the same. 

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Who were the ex-girlfriends of Jamie Campbell?

Though Jamie did date a lot of women his most famous relationships were with two high-profile actresses. Jamie dated Bonnie Wright who was Ginny Weasley in the massive franchise of Harry Potter films. As Jamie was also a part of the film, the couple officially started dating when they were filming for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”. The couple confirmed their relationship in 2010 and they even appeared in BAFTA together. 

Bonnie confirmed to the reporter, “Yes, we’re dating,” “We’ve been seeing each other for a few months; it’s good.” The couple then got engaged but in 2012, their relationship was called off. In 2012, he then started dating Lily Collins who was a co-star in 2012’s “The Mortals Instruments: City of Bones”. Then they split after their film dropped and again in 2015, the pair patched up to split up again. In January 2018, they gave the last chance to their relationship but it didn’t work out. So, in July, it was a final farewell.

Now, Jess is the eye candy of Jamie’s life and if things go well, they might even get married. Let us hope for the best for this couple and pray for a happy life for them.

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