Kardashian Fans Are Convinced Kim & ex-Kanye West Are Back Together After They Spot An ‘OBVIOUS’ Clue In The Rapper’s Behavior

Are Kim and Kanye back together? After fans spotted some of the similarities in Ye’s recent girlfriends, they are suspicious that maybe Kim and Kanye are back together. Kim seems to be happily committed to Pete Davidson, and after a fan spotted a theory, this convinced fans that Kim and Kanye back together rumors are true. It is believed that the couple is secretly dating each other yet again. So, what is the Kim and Kanye back together theory that everyone is talking about on the internet?

Are Kim And Kanye Back Together?

 The theory that has made fans believe that Kim and Kanye are back together has stemmed from a Reddit thread. A fan who has been very invested in the former power couple’s relationship has dissected the entire thing.

So, here is how the thread goes that explains the theory of Kim and Kanye back together.

kim and kanye back together
kim and kanye back together

The fan posted,  “Kanye has returned to his h*e phase with rumors of Irina reconciliation and another ex of his posting today.”

Adding to that, a second fan added, “Does he keep in contact with his exes, or does he just leave a lasting impression on them? 

But a third entered the thread and said, “Her posting this doesn’t mean he is still in contact with her.”

To that, a fourth suggested, “Notice how he isn’t friends with his exes? Seems like he’s always thinking forward.

So, the fan ultimately concluded, “Kanye is moving around too much to be fully involved with any woman he dates at the moment. Seems like he’s always in one city or the next working on something.”

However, many fans strongly believe that the rumors of Kim and Kanye’s back together are true. 

The British tabloid, The Sun reported last week that Kim K might have dropped a hint about her reconciliation with her ex after she posted a collaboration with, a photo of artwork that has been curated by the famous James Turrell. James is a friend of Kanye who famously collaborates with Kanye.

While the rumors of Kim and Kanye back together are spreading like wildfire, it is true that Kanye is dating ex-Irina Shayk, whereas Kim is with Pete Davidson. But there are also rumors that the couple may be possibly moving towards a split.

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The Relationship Between Kim And Kanye

You might be happy with the news that Kim and Kanye are back together after the history they had. The couple started dating each other ten years ago, and in 2014, they got hitched in a very publicized marriage. The ex-couple has four children namely North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago. In January of 202, the couple chose to split after having a lot of differences. Back in February of 2022, Kim officially proceeded to file for divorce. The former lovers settled on irreconcilable differences and finally had joint custody of all of their children.

kim and kanye back together
kim and kanye back together

But things started getting steamy in the life of Kim K after she started dating Pete Davidson post their SNL gig. The hopes of Kim and Kanye back together were lost since Kim seemed to be very happy with Pete after she started dating him in November 2021. Kanye also went into revenge mode and didn’t leave Pete out of the situation.

As a matter of fact, “Kanye even posted a video on his Instagram that showed him burying a claymation version of the former Saturday Night Live star in his Eazy music video.”

Even Kanye started dating several women including Vinetria, a 22-year-old model, Julia Fox, and again back to ex Irina Shayk. This has been a crazy ride for the former couple but the details about Kim and Kanye back together are still not confirmed. After spending years together and having four beautiful kids, we understand how hard it is to settle into a new lifestyle with a completely new partner. But as these are just theories, we cannot be sure if Kim and Kanye back together are 100% true or just another fake news. 

What are your thoughts on the Kim and Kanye back together news? Do you think it is true? Let us know your views about this. stay tuned for mmore updates, Lee Daily.

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