Who is Bhad Bhabie Boyfriend? A Look at rapper’s love life!

Danielle Marie Bregoli, better known by her stage as Bhad Bhabie, has released an eight-minute YouTube video detailing the abuse she suffered at a “troubled teen” program called Turn-About Ranch. After her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil’s talk show, this property was recommended to the 17-year-old rapper.

The video was titled “Breaking Code Silence” by the ‘Do It Like Me’ hitmaker as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the atrocities of the ‘troubled teens’ industry. When she saw the sanctions imposed on Hannah Archuleta, the 19-year-old who accused a ranch staffer of sexual assault, I knew I had to say something because I genuinely believe they did it,” she said, referring to Archuleta.

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“There is no place to hide”

Bhabie continues in the video, “So, Dr. Phil, I’m giving you from now through April 5 to issue an apology, not only to me but to Hannah and any other child you sent to Turn-About or any other program like this. If you don’t, I’ll take care of business my way. There is nowhere to hide, she continued. If you try to fly out there, they will find you and you will either get into additional difficulty or, if you manage to escape, a coyote will eat you.

I wasn’t willing to go there, but I was. They arrive in the middle of the night, handcuff [the children], and drive off without telling them where they’re going. Basically, it’s the same as kidnapping. The singer also claims in the video that when she was a resident of the Utah institution, she went without enough sleep, food, and warmth. There are no witnesses, cameras, phones, or another evidence present, so it’s just our word against the staff’s word when you’re there. I was afraid to speak up since I thought no one would believe me for that reason.

Who is Bhad Bhabie’s boyfriend?

Although Bhad Bhabie has dated a few men in the past, she is presently seeing an artist by the name of Oca8oo. Bhabie recently shared a lengthy essay on Instagram in which she discussed how she couldn’t have hoped for a better relationship. She wrote, “This man is genuinely my whole heart, I couldn’t ask for a better relationship while sharing a nice photo.

As a result of your help, I’m now on the proper path. In order to ensure that no one can get the best of me, you make sure that I’m never in a difficult circumstance, and you always tell me how I can improve myself and my work.” She went on, saying, ” “In the days leading up to our meeting, I was at my lowest ebb, feeling cheated and despondent, but when you showed there, everything changed.

_Bhad Bhabie Boyfriend
_Bhad Bhabie Boyfriend

I was in need of a fresh start, someone to keep me grounded and focused, and someone who would accept and love me for who I am. You change the way I see things, and on the days when I’m feeling down, you give me the motivation to get out of bed.” Bhabie chimed in, too “The most significant lesson I learned from you was that you showed me how to love myself, which was something I had previously thought was impossible for me to achieve.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” According to Oca8oo’s Instagram, he’s in the music business. In October 2020, Bhabie released an Instagram photo of herself with him, officially announcing their relationship for the first time. Her previous relationships include Yung Bans, NBA YoungBoy, and Trippie Redd.

The Culprits Must be Punished

Social media users hurried to show their support for Bhabie’s ranch as soon as his video about it went viral. One user praised Danielle for revealing what she went through at the ranch, saying, “Props to Danielle.” The fact that Bhad Bhabie has spoken out about this means a lot to me, and it serves as a beacon of hope for other children who have experienced similar hardships.

“Damn, I just watched that video,” said another. He sent folks to the property and I thought that was humorous, but that’s just f**ked up.” @BhadBhabie standing up against Dr. Phil and Turnabout Ranch being abusive af is something I am very proud of.” No one in her life has tried to exploit her more than the adults in her life, and it has all been made public. I wish her nothing but the best for her.”

@BhadBhabie thank you for telling us the tale of the ranch and Dr. Phil and thank you for sticking up for innocent children! :D” Punishment of the perpetrators must be carried out as harshly as feasible. Finally, one said: “Bhad Bhabie speaking out against turn around the ranch and her story as well as others similar is really crucial. “Any slander will not be tolerated by me.”

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