Who is Chris Distefano Wife? How Old Is Jazzy Distefano? 2022

Who is Chris Distefano Wife? Christopher Paul Anthony DiStefano is an American stand-up comedian. DiStefano got his start in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian on MTV’s Guy Code and MTV2’s Girl Code. Comedian Chris DiStefano’s first stand-up special, Size 38 Waist, will air on Comedy Central in 2019.

People are way too curious about his personal life. Here’s a peek into the secret life of this witty character.

Chris Distefano Family

Chris’ family consists of his parents, Chris Distefano Wife, and three children. With her outrageous attitude and status as an internet sensation, his transgender uncle has captured the public’s attention. A chance encounter in a pub led to Chris and his future wife’s friendship, which blossomed into a romantic relationship and marriage.

Following a year-long courtship, the gorgeous pair tied the knot in a small ceremony in 2015. A daughter named Delilah Distefano was welcomed into the world in May 2015, making her the couple’s most recent addition. Chris also has a son from a prior relationship, so Delilah is his second child. Scroll down for Chris Distefano Wife.

Who Is Chris Distefano Wife Jazzy Distefano?

The daughter of Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas, Jazzy Distefano was born as Jasmine Canuelas on April 17, 1984. Jessica Canuelas is her younger sister, and the two share a close bond. It’s not just Jazzy’s life that she’s changed since becoming a Zumba instructor; it’s the lives of those who study under her. The former model-turned-celebrity wife opens up about how she overcame postpartum depression with the help of her passion-turned-career.

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She came up with the name “Jazzymethod” for her weight loss program, which combines her weight loss package with music to make working out more enjoyable. Because of her dedication to helping pregnant women stay fit, she has become a fitness expert.

Jazzy Distefano Children

She has three children, two with her current husband, Chris Distefano, and one from a former relationship. Tristan was the name they chose for him. They are a close-knit family, and this does not impair their relationship. In addition, the family plans to buy a home in Staten Island where they can raise their three children comfortably.

Chris Distefano Wife
Chris Distefano Wife

Tristan, Delilah, and Violette Luna Distefano are her three children. Both Luna and Delilah Distefano were born in May 2011.

Jazzy is Zumba Teacher

Besides being a talented dancer, Chris Distefano Wife is also qualified as a group fitness instructor and Zumba instructor. She is a physically fit woman, and she also works with others to help them accomplish their health and fitness goals. Also, she helps postpartum ladies by training them to get in shape and motivating them to continue their lives cheerfully.

As a result, she has amassed a sizable fan base on the photo-sharing app Instagram. One of the reasons she decided to do this was because she had postpartum depression throughout her pregnancy. The Jazzy Method is a new approach Jazzy Distefano has developed to assist people in losing weight. She’s included both bodyweight movements and music in her workouts.

Because most people have fun working out, she has a more enjoyable time training. Those who follow her on social media can easily find and receive her training stuff.

What Does Jazzy Distefano Do For A Living?

Edwin and Liz Canuelas were Jazzy Distefano’s parents, born on April 17, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. She shares her life with two siblings. An unconventional career path has proven to be a success for Jazzy. Many mothers experience postpartum depression after giving birth to a child. Some have fought and fought against it in vain.

A Zumba and fitness instructor, Jazzy Distefano, specializes in this. After childbirth, she helps people get back in shape and conquer postpartum depression. For a living, she does this. Getting into shape helped her get through her postpartum depression, and that’s when she got serious about it. In her mind, this was a chance to aid other mothers in a similar situation.

Jazzy Distefano is a qualified spin instructor, group exercise instructor, and wellness specialist. She came up with the Jazzymethod, a program that combines bodyweight workouts with music to help people relax. Patreon is a great way to access her instruction, which is making a splash on social media. Regarding her work, she is a shining example of dedication to helping new mothers overcome postpartum depression.

Jazzy and Chris Distefano Relationship

Although Jazzy Distefano and Chris are living together as husband and wife, you might be surprised to learn that she is not married to Chris. As a result, they’re more or less in a live-in relationship. Chris Distefano Wife is a common nickname for her these days. Some believe Jazzy to be Chris Distefano’s girlfriend even though they are not legally married.

They believe that since they are already so close, getting married won’t make a difference to their relationship. They’re happily married, have children, and enjoy each other’s company.

What is Jazzy Destefano Net Worth?

Chris Distefano Wife, Jazzy Distefano, makes a good living, but her net worth is unknown; Chris, on the other hand, is worth $33 million. Through his stand-up comedy career, he has earned this much money. Jazzy, on the other hand, is a self-sufficient woman. Therefore we may infer that she is making a good living. She is a self-starter who enjoys taking on new challenges.

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