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Who Has Evan Peters Dated? His Relationship Timeline!

Evan Peters Dating

Evan Peters Dating

Actor Evan Peters, famed for his turns in American Horror Story, is one of the FX series’ most sought-after sexy men. For many, Emma Roberts is the first name that springs to mind when it comes to partnerships. While they had a seven-year romance, she isn’t the only celebrity he’s fallen for. Consider Evan’s previous relationships. In comparison to other Hollywood celebrities, Evan hasn’t been associated with a slew of women throughout the years.

According to an interview with Cosmopolitan, he did make the statement “I’m just a little apprehensive. Unfortunately, I’m not a great matchmaker.” That Evan, a huge star and a gorgeous babe, would have such a little history of romance is mind-boggling. However, it appears that he chooses quality above quantity—and that’s fine!

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Evan Peters Career

After relocating to Grand Blanc, Michigan, Evan continued his pursuit of a profession in acting as well as modeling. While he was following his passions, he enrolled in a number of acting workshops that taught him how to become a successful actor. This allowed him to not only perform but also learn from people who had been acting professionally for a long time.

Evan’s life was forever altered when he was selected by director Picchiottino during the second audition out of many that took place over the course of two days for their new show called “Clipping Adam.” As a result of this, he won multiple awards, one of which was presented to him at the Phoenix Film Festival, which was held right here in our own backyard.

Evan’s career has advanced thanks to the parts he has done in a variety of projects, including television commercials for companies like Sony PlayStation and Progressive Insurance, where he can currently be seen.

Halsey was a former girlfriend of Evan Peters

In September of this year, the two were photographed together at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, for the first time and were immediately linked romantically. At American Horror Story’s 100th episode party the following month, they made their first public appearance together. The actor had a huge impact on Halsey. She playfully tweeted in 2012 that she had a love for him and his character in American Horror Story.

She tweeted on his birthday that she couldn’t picture a world without him, and the two had been together for some time now. After a tour together, Evan and the singer declared it quits in March 2020. It’s unclear why Halsey and Evan ended their relationship, but she did erase all of their Instagram photos together.

Evan and Emma had a Rocky Relationship

During the production of Adult World in February 2012, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts first met. Despite the fact that the two were romantically interested in one another, they did not date while the movie was being shot. They started dating in the summer of 2012, and around the holidays in 2013, Evan proposed with a pink and gold diamond ring. Then he added, “Honestly, it’s incredible. You’re filming in a new city, but you’re not familiar with the area.

With your best friend nearby, you can go out for dinner and explore the city together.” After calling off their engagement in 2015, the pair reconnected just three months later. A further nine months passed before they decided to call it quits once more. Both parties made a last-ditch effort before the relationship ended in March 2019.

Evan Peters Dated Actress Alexia Quinn

A few months after working together on the play Living at Home, Evan and Alexia started dating. His birthday was in a Las Vegas nightclub in January of 2012, and Alexia was there to help him celebrate. However, Evan started filming Adult Word, and the two soon broke up.

Evan Dated U.K. Model Pixie Geldof

When Evan was 23 and Pixie was 19, they dated for approximately a year back in 2010. People verified the couple’s relationship after they were caught kissing at Coachella. A year later, the couple broke up.

Before Co-Starring, Evan Peters Dated Alexandra Breckenridge

A few years ago, Evan was rumored to be dating his American Horror Story co-star Alex Breckenridge (Moira O’Hara). Between 2007 and 2010, the two were rumored to have been dating before their 2011 appearance on American Horror Story: Murder House. They’d never been photographed kissing in public before, but there is a photo of her doing just that.

So, was there possibly a romantic component to this? It’s safe to say that Evan is no stranger to having his relationships in the public eye, as seen by a look into his love life. The 34-year-old is still unattached, but with his enviable good looks, it’s unlikely to last long.

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