What is the S*xuality of Nate From Euphoria? Is He Gay?

Euphoria, the dark teen drama from HBO Max, likes to blur the lines when it comes to sexuality. It’s a spectrum, flexible, and even changes from day to day or episode to episode, much like Gen Z’s present attitudes toward sexuality. The show’s characters don’t simply state, “I’m gay.” They are just drawn to those who pique their interest.

As his sexuality is revealed to the other characters, questions about Nate’s sexuality have only risen in intensity. Throughout the course of the season, Lexi has been working on a play. The introverted kid, who has always been a wallflower, has been taking note of the chaos around her and creating a performance out of it.

On Sunday’s edition, Our Life is shown for the first time in front of a live audience. When it comes to acting, Lexi portrays herself and casts actors in the roles of the other characters in the film. But it was the end-of-episode number that drew everyone’s attention.

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The locker room’s homoeroticism appears to be reflected in a passionate rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” by an actor representing Nate. On the spur of the moment, Nate stormed out of the auditorium and said, “That is, like, so homophobic.” Since Nate is the one who is homophobic, many of the viewers are of the opinion that this is the pot calling the kettle black.

At this point, some are saying that Nate is gay. That’s simply not true. If you think Nate’s sexuality is complicated, you’d be right; it’s not. When we found out about his father’s extramarital affairs with males and transgender women when he was eleven, we were shocked.

In this episode, Nate had a dream in which he was in bed with his father. This clearly influenced his views on sex. We also know that he has roleplayed as Cal when he has engaged in sex. To get her to meet him, Jules uses the sexually explicit recording his father made of him and his mother in season one of the show. He mimics his father’s actions by sticking his finger in Jules’ mouth when they finally meet.

He hasn’t totally moved on from Jules, as evidenced by his behavior this season. Cassie lets him dress her any way he wants in the most recent episode. Cal and Jules had harsh sex, so Nate dresses her up like Jules, and they have rough sex.

It’s as Complicated as We’d Hoped.

We can’t identify Nate’s peculiar feelings for Jules because Jules is a transsexual woman, but we can claim that his attraction to Jules is not gay. Saying otherwise invalidates Jules’s gender and is, therefore, transphobic. This is a heterosexual desire. We’ve only ever seen Nate’s lust for women play out on screen.

We don’t know why Maddy found dick photos on Nate’s phone last season. Are the males on the hookup app that he was using attractive to him or were these photographs taken for a more innocuous purpose? I think he’s bisexual since his feelings for women are real. Alternatively, a fluid may be used. Or, perhaps, his allure is caused solely by his father-son bond and is therefore absolutely irrational.

We can’t speak for Nate because he hasn’t spoken anything about his sexual orientation out loud. We may never learn how he chooses to identify himself. That could be the whole goal. There’s no reason to confine sexuality to a single category. Only he has the authority to give himself a name. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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