James Taylor Net Worth (Updated 2022): Early Life, Career, Earnings, Relationships & More

An American singer, guitarist as well as songwriter, James Taylor is a celebrated musician in the industry. He had sold over 100 million records globally. James Taylor’s net worth has been the talk of the industry for a long period because of the career he has built for himself. After having decades of success, James Taylor’s net worth is standing at a point from where he can attain anything. Thus, discover more about the life of the singing sensation, the figure of James Taylor’s net worth, and more in this article.

James Taylor’s Early Life

On 12th March 1948, James Taylor was born to Isaac M. Taylor and Gertrude Taylor. The couple raised the singer in Boston, Massachusetts where his father worked as a physician whereas his mother dreamt to be an opera singer. James Taylor’s net worth was below average back then as he was the second child of as many as five children. So, he had a lot of responsibility.

But in 1951, the family relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They were living in the gorgeous Morgan Creek area. James always had an interest in music. So, he learned cello as a kid and first picked up the guitar in 1960. He was also very much into piano and cello-playing. When he went on a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, he met Danny Kortchmar who motivated Taylor to pursue a career in music. At the age of 14, he penned down his first song. He did perform at coffeehouses and even in Martha’s Vineyard.

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Fast forward to 1963, James was struggling in high school and when he entered his senior year, he was highly depressed and slept for 20 hours a day. In 1965, he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital as well. Taylor was also a drafter in the Vietnam War.

James Taylor’s Career

With the hopes of making James Taylor’s net worth, he traveled to New York City where he formed a band named “Flying Machine”. To make himself known, he performed regularly at Greenwich Village. However, in spite of focusing on building James Taylor’s net worth, he got addicted to heroin. This led to his band getting dissolved and the singer went back to North Carolina to seek treatment.

After being fully recovered, Taylor shifted to London in 1967. There he met the A&R head for the record label “Apple Records”. It was the label that the Beatles formed. Soon Asher was impressed and signed James to “Apple Records”. He recorded his self-titled debut album and then again went back to a psychiatric hospital. When he dropped his album, “James Taylor” in 1969, the album didn’t do well since James failed to promote it due to hospitalization. 

But the mission to attain James Taylor’s net worth was still on. He wrote songs when in hospital and signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Asher was still his manager and his second album, “Sweet Baby James,” (1970), became an instant success. Over $1.5 million copies were sold and won many Grammy Award Nominations. His third album, “Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon” (1971) was another big success, and “You’ve Got a Friend” got the No.1 spot on the Billboard charts. Of course, apart from James Taylor’s net worth, he also won a Grammy. 

James kept releasing one album after another namely “One Man Dog,” “Walking Man,”  “Gorilla,”  “In the Pocket,” and more. Most of them won Gold Certification. But then, he dropped his “Greatest Hits” under Warner’s label and this became Taylor’s best-selling album of all time. It won 11x Platinum in the US. Over the period, he continued dropping one after another album. His 13th studio album named “New Moon Shine” was released after six long years of break. 

James Taylor’s net worth was not his only goal, he wanted to share his side of the story. So, the “Hourglass” album was out shading light on his past life and family. This won another Grammy. Again in the 1990s, he started dropping six more studio albums. James Taylor’s net worth and fame have led him to be a part of historic moments like US President Barack Obama’s inaugural celebration.

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James Taylor’s Personal Life

James was married to Carly Simon, an American musician in November 1972. The couple was blessed with two children named Sally and Ben. However, they divorced in 1983. Then James married actress Kathryn Walker in 1985 and their relationship ended in 1996. And on 18th February 2001, Taylor had his third marriage to Caroline Smedvig. They had twin boys named Henry and Rufus.

James Taylor Personal Life
James Taylor Personal Life

James Taylor’s Net Worth & Real Estate

James Taylor’s net worth is $80 million in 2022. He even went on to buy Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts for a huge amount. Currently, James Taylor’s net worth also includes his real estate.

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