Cherie Gil, An Accomplished Actress, Has Passed Away!

On Friday, the renowned actress Cherie Gil, who had won numerous awards over her career, passed suddenly. It was the year 59. Her talent manager Annabelle Rama announced the news on social media, stating, “Cherie Gil just died away at 5 p.m. today please pray for her.”

A couple of hours later, Gil’s nephew Sid Lucero, who is also an actor, confirmed it through a handful of posts on Instagram. He added, “I love you;) huge hug:) #bugluv” underneath a picture of her aunt that he shared on social media. After that, he played a video of some crying emoji that he had drawn on his phone.

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However, as of the time of this publication, the reason for her passing has not been made public. It was stated that she had left the Philippines in February of this year and begun a new life in New York so that she could be closer to her children.

The actress was bored of herself and “felt angry and sad” at the same time, as she explained in her cover story for Mega magazine, in which she revealed a shaved head bald look “as a sign of rebirth.” In the same article, she also revealed that she had shaved her head bald look.

“I got rid of all of the clothing that I owned that was associated with a previous existence. I am in the process of truly finding myself and coming to terms with who I am at my core. It’s a blessing both to have this opportunity and to still be alive so that you can start afresh. It is comparable to a rebirth in some sense “Mega, she explained.

“Just making sure that my mental, emotional, and spiritual states were given precedence was all that was required of me at that point in time. I had become weary of dwelling on my own problems. Because I was so irritated and miserable, I decided to sell everything I owned and go “In addition, she said

Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann in real life, Gil is recognized in the entertainment world as “La Primera Contravida” for the Philippines because of her flexibility in acting, particularly when portraying villain parts. During the course of her fifty-year career, Gil was honored with a variety of accolades, one of which came from Famas.

She was inducted into the Metro Manila Film Festival Hall of Fame in the “Best Supporting Actress” category, which earned her the Ani ng Dangal (Harvest of Honor) award from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. In addition, she received this honor.

Actress Cherie Gil Passed Away
Actress Cherie Gil Passed Away

At the Asian International Film Awards in 2015, Gil was awarded the prestigious “Best Actress” trophy. This honor is greatly sought after. She was also awarded “Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film” at the 2015 Madrid International Film Festival, which she won in the same year.

As a result of her performance in the 2019 film “Citizen Jake,” she was given her first Gawad Urian Award in the “Best Supporting Actress” category.


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