Liver King Net Worth: How Much Does He Make Eating Raw Meat & Testicles?

If you have been spending some time on social media recently, it’s highly likely that you have seen a certain jacked, bearded man taking over your Instagram feed with his reels, crazy weights, muscles, and the raw lifestyle he lives. Liver King is a name that a lot of people on social media will quickly resonate with the recent times and his specific way of living his life has gotten him all the attention. Though he has been living his life the way our ancestors used to do when it comes to the Liver King’s net worth, it’s growing every day thanks to the popularity and attention he has been grabbing from all around. He is choosing to give away his modern-day comforts in order to live and enjoy an old-school lifestyle, just like his ancestors.

Liver King’s net worth is growing just like his popularity and fame and the primary reason why he calls himself the Liver King is because he chooses to eat liver on a daily basis, courtesy of the nutritional benefits it has. In addition to the liver, he also talks about the benefits of eating animal testicles.

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Liver King’s Early Life

Liver King also known as Brian Johnson was born in an American family in the year 1977 in the United States. As of 2022, he is 45 years old influencer and proprietor of a nutritional supplement business. As a young boy, he grew up in Texas state and lost his father at a very early age. He and his mother relocated to San Antonio where he lived with his mother. He graduated with a degree in biochemistry from a university before starting his life in the world of social media and showcasing to everyone, the benefits of living life the ancestral way.

Liver King Career

Today we see the huge Liver King’s net worth and it all started when he started his social media career. He launched his TikTok only in recent years. Although a lot is known about his early life, we only know that his career comprises mostly of the short videos on the application. He started with lifestyle and fitness videos and he has uploaded many videos relating to the food he eats every day.

Liver King’s net worth is quite huge today and one of the main reasons behind all the success was the uniqueness he brought to the application. No user in the application before was seen sharing similar content that was as good as his. In the month of October 2021, his TikTok account hit 500K followers but the major part of the Liver King’s net worth only came recently when his channel has grown by almost 5 times. 

In 2022 itself, the total followers count he has a total follower count of 2.9 million with total likes of 52 million. Though most people are concerned about Liver King’s net worth and the money he is making, his main idea behind these videos is that he wants to make this type of lifestyle mainstream among all. For over 20 years, he has been living like this and he is definitely an example of how diet can change a person’s health and fitness. Not only the TikTok account but a major part of the Liver King’s net worth also comes from the YouTube channel he has with over 120K subscribers.

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Liver King’s Personal Life

Liver King’s net worth is big and interesting, much like his personal life. He got married to his wife, Barbara Johnson a.k.a Liver Queen in the year 2004. They have three kids together, two boys and one girl. He has not revealed a lot more about his personal life or his previous relationships.

Liver King Personal Life
Liver King Personal Life

Liver King’s Net Worth and Real Estate

Liver King is a social media star and the Liver King’s net worth has been growing exponentially. As of 2022, the total Liver King net worth stands at a staggering 2 million dollars and is likely to grow in the coming days. He has a couple of businesses including Ancestral Supplements, Heart & Soil, Medicine Man, The Fittest, and the Plant Company. He has a lot of real estates too which adds to the overall Liver King net worth. He owns hundreds of acres of land in the United States too.

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