Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode; Did You Spot the 7 Easter Eggs & References?

The mid-season finale of Star Trek made a huge revelation that fans were already anticipating. Yes, Dr. Ruon Tarka reveals the existence of the Multiverse. But there are more twists and turns that audiences couldn’t have guessed.  

Star Trek: Discovery has been gradually developing its plot. Star Trek haters have always tried to prove that all the episodes are basically about the diplomacy existing in space or focus on debates that are stretched without a reason.

But they fail to realize that true fans take it as a compliment. The seventh episode kept the viewers hooked as there were so many Easter eggs to keep up to.   As you will keep watching the episode, you will realize the number of references related to Trekkie hits. You may have missed certain Easter Eggs and references but we have uncovered many after the thrilling Season 4 episode.

Let’s take you on a ride but let’s warn you, major spoilers ahead; 

General Ndoye

General Ndoye was last seen in Season 3’s Episode “People of Earth”. Phumzile Sitole plays the iconic role but now, it seems like she got a promotion.

It was heard during her talk with Burnham that currently she represents Earth and Titan. It even hints at a peace deal formed by Saru as well Burnham back in Season 3.

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All Four Quadrants

As per the statement coming from Stamets, we can expect that a meeting is going to take place in the Federation HQ. It will see the presence of “all four quadrants”. So, the fans can see Alpha, Beta, Delta, and even Gamma quadrants in this meeting. 

However, the question is, is the Bajoran wormhole still active? Are they using it to reach the Alpha Quadrant from the Gamma Quadrant?

Besides, which representatives of Delta Quadrant are they talking about? President Rillick was even seen mentioning the “remote” delegates. Maybe, these reps from Delta belong to the 32nd Century version of Zoom. 

Star Trek
Star Trek

Tos & Voyager Ais Reference by Kovich

When discussing with Burnham and analyzing with Stamets as well as Adira, Kovich makes a pretty big statement. He was talking about a “regulation against” some starship that features a “fully integrated artificial unit”.

He went on to add” there’s a proscription against a fully sentient AI being fully integrated into Starfleet systems.”  

It can be said that Kovich is referencing unfortunate events that happened in the “The Ultimate Computer” episode. During that episode, the M5 computer had the ultimate control over the Enterprise and the outcome was nothing more than a catastrophe.

Besides, the second reference can be about the holographic Doctor who may have left Voyager and never got integrated into the system. 

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“Your Sole Interaction With a Sentient AI Was Control”

The AI, Control has tried to kill everyone in Season 2 and since then, no one can put their back on AI.  But it can be said that Zora started growing emotions and it has been made evident from Season 2. Zora even tried to protect by raising shields. Kovich directly pointed out the bias.

“We Both Have Our Duties to Attend to”

While confronting Burnham about his decision to take over Zora’s investigation, Kovich stated, “We both have our duties to attend to.” We guess that it may have to do something with Kiel’s statement to Bones that took place in The Wrath of Khan, Spare me your notions of poetry, please. We all have our assigned duties.”

The Famous Star Trek Aliens Attend the Big Conference

Undoubtedly, this is one of the crucial meetings that is going to be held about the DMA. In the entire episode, viewers are probably going to witness numerous alien species.  However, we have spotted few and there is over one Andorian, a trill, a Cardassian, above one Lurian, an Orion, many Vulcans and Romulans and so many more to name. The thrill is on!

Isolytic Weapons

It could be guessed that Tarka’s main agenda was to destroy DMA. But an isolytic explosion may be the choice for doing so. In Star Trek: Insurrection, Son’a used a weapon that the second Khitomer accords banned for further use.  President Rillick even said that rules are held for over 800 years or more.  

“An Entirely New Lifeform”

According to Adria, Zora is “an entirely new lifeform” and that is true. Zora doesn’t behave or act like a typical AI and this reference is a major discovery.  

There are many other Easter Eggs and references such as a parallel universe, Zora’s joining of Star Fleet, and many more to name. Only time can tell if these references will be true or not. Star Trek: Discovery will be back on February 11th, 2022 and we cannot wait to see the rest of the season.

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