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Another week means there will be more new Netflix movies and TV shows. The highlights of what’s coming to Netflix between August 8 and August 14 of 2022 include the final season of one of Netflix’s best comic book adaptations to date, a brand-new, exclusive Jamie Foxx film, and a tonne more. The remainder of August still has a lot to look forward to, and we’re even beginning to catalog what will be available on Netflix in September, October, November, and even December!

This week, Netflix US has several movie removals planned, including those of The Saint from 2017 and Demonic from 2015, as well as Mr. Peabody & Sherman from DreamWorks and The Railway Man.

This Week’s Most Anticipated Netflix Releases

The Nice Guys (2016)

Coming to Netflix: Tuesday

The Nice Guys is the major new release coming next week out of the few new licensed titles arriving this week (which isn’t many, especially compared to the previous week). It’s a neo-noir buddy action film starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe from Netflix’s The Gray Man and L.A. Confidential. It was directed by Shane Black and is about two private investigators who are digging into a missing girl’s murder in 1970s Los Angeles.

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Even though there have been rumors of a television spin-off and a potential sequel to the film for years, none of those things are likely to happen anytime soon.

Locke & Key (Season 3)

Coming to Netflix: Wednesday

The third and final season of Locke & Key will consist of eight episodes, capping off an outstanding run that started back in February 2020 on Netflix.

Day Shift (2022)

Coming to Netflix: Friday

What is Coming to Netflix in August 2022
What is Coming to Netflix in August 2022

The new Jamie Foxx film from J. J. Perry is arguably Netflix’s largest new original film of August 2022. Bud Jablonski, played by Foxx, the character is a blue-collar father who poses as a pool cleaner but is a member of a covert organization of vampire hunters.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix This Week

Coming to Netflix on August 8th

  • Netflix Original Film
  • Team Zenko Go (Season 2)
  • Netflix Original Kids

Coming to Netflix on August 9th

  • I Just Killed My Dad (2022) Netflix Original Documentary
  • The Nice Guys (2016)

Coming to Netflix on August 10th

  • Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist (2022) Netflix Original Movie
  • Heartsong (2022) Netflix Original Film
  • Indian Matchmaking (Season 2) Netflix Original Series
  • Instant Dream Home (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • Iron Chef Brazil (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • Locke & Key (Season 3) Netflix Original Series
  • Office Invasion
  • School Tales The Series (Season 1) Netflix Original Series

Coming to Netflix on August 11th

  • Dope (2015)
  • Dragon’s Blood Dota (Book 3)
  • Original Anime Pakka Spot on Netflix (2022)
  • The Leo Baker Story: Hold on! (2022)
  • Original Documentary on Netflix

Coming to Netflix on August 12th

  • 13: The Musical (2022)
  • Netflix Original Film
  • A Model Family (Season 1)
  • Netflix Original Series
  • Day Shift (2022)
  • Netflix Original Film
  • Never Have I Ever (Season 3) Netflix Original Series
  • The Razz Guy (2021)
  • The Throne

Coming to Netflix on August 13th

  • A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box (1995)
  • A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella (1995)

Coming to Netflix on August 14th

  • A Fresh Start (Season 1 – New Episodes Weekly)

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