Who Is Kristen Stewart Dating: All About Dylan Meyer, His Screenwriter

The bond between Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer is more vital than ever and has reached the point where they are prepared to tie the knot since their relationship has lasted much beyond the two-year mark. Meyer proposed on November 2, 2021, the same day Stewart told Howard Stern the two were engaged. In This Post, We Will tell Who Kristen Stewart Dating Is.

Even two years before the proposal, the actress assured the radio presenter that she would be prepared to pop the question in November 2019. The couple, who never officially declared their engagement, even prompted suspicions of a covert marriage in July 2021 when they were pictured with rings on their left ring fingers. The two were once more displayed together in September 2021, indicating that their relationship is still going strong.

Here is all we know about Meyer, from her work as a screenwriter to how she and Stewart passed their quarantine.

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Meyer Is An Actress And A Scriptwriter

Stewart revealed to Stern that Meyer and her first met on a movie set six years ago. Meyer has written and co-starred in several films and TV shows, although she didn’t say which. Sarah Hyland’s 2016 Netflix film XOXO, which she co-wrote and executive produced, stars Sarah Hyland. She wrote episodes of the science fiction program Miss 2059. You can view the short movies Loose Ends (2015) and Rock Bottom (2019) that Meyer also wrote here:

Who Is Kristen Stewart Dating
Who Is Kristen Stewart Dating

Meyer’s acting resume includes roles in short films, including Jem Reacts to the New Jem and the Holograms Trailer, Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, and The Death and Return of Superman (2011). (2015).

The Couple Began Dating After Stewart Ended Things With Model Stella Maxwell

Meyer and Stewart were spotted kissing on a stoop in New York City in August 2019, which sparked rumors about their romance. Less than a month prior, Stewart was seen holding hands with his on-again, off-again lover Stella Maxwell on a yacht in Italy. While “it will always be straightforward for Kristen to fall back with Stella,” a source told E! at the time, “she’s focused on her current relationship with Meyer.”

Maxwell and Stewart in 2017.
Maxwell and Stewart in 2017.

During her interview with Stern in November, Stewart attested to the quick-moving nature of their relationship by telling him that she told Meyer she loved her two weeks into their relationship. “When her buddies left the pub where we were hanging out or whatever, it was kind of late, and I was just like, “Oh man, I’m so f*cking in love with you.

The Pair Went Instagram Official In October 2019.

Stewart doesn’t have a public Instagram, but Meyer gave the world a sneak peek into the couple’s romance in October. She shared a polaroid photo of the couple kissing in black and white. She captioned the picture, “Find me under the blankets hiding from the happiness police.

Meyer sent a birthday tribute to Stewart on Instagram six months later with the following message: “On her birthday, I’m wishing everyone the same level of adoration I feel for my favorite person. Spend your time with someone that motivates you to be your best self and sets your shit on fire because life is short.”

Stewart Said She Was Ready To Propose To Meyer In November 2019.

Even though the couple keeps their relationship a secret, they are seriously involved. Stewart was frank with Stern during their discussion in November 2019 about how she felt about Meyer. She declared to Stern that she would “definitely” get married and that she “can’t f*cking wait” to propose to Meyer.

Stewart continued, “Yeah, I want to be relatively sensible about it, but I think good things happen fast. I have a plan for how I will pop the question.” I’m unable to say right now since she will learn. Stewart said she had no “ties to any crazy type of convention; it’s just, like, when you know, you know” regarding her marriage intentions.

Stewart Has Used Meyer’s Instagram.

Stewart doesn’t have an Instagram and will next be seen in the LGBTQ Christmas rom-com Happiest Season. Nevertheless, she urged others to cast ballots in the forthcoming election using her girlfriend’s platform. Because Kristen didn’t have her account and had some things to say, I gave her the microphone. Happy #nationalvoterregistrationday!” On September 22, Meyer tagged a selfie of Stewart wearing a “VOTE” t-shirt. Through Meyer, Kristen wrote.

Meyer And Stewart Sparked Marriage Rumors In July 2021.

Stewart and Meyer were spotted at LAX in July 2021 with rings on their left ring fingers, as LaineyGossip noted. Even if Stewart had even made the marriage proposal at this point, the two never verified it. Meyer and Stewart have maintained most of their relationship’s facts in secrecy and out of the public eye.

Stewart Announced Her Engagement To Meyer In November 2021.

Meyer proposed, Stewart revealed to Howard Stern on November 2. Stewart declared, “We’re getting married; we’re going to do it.” “I think I carved out what I wanted, and she nailed it. I wanted to be proposed to. Our marriage is taking place.

They Attended The 2022 Oscars Together.

Meyer and Stewart were together at the 2022 Academy Awards, where Stewart is up for Best Actress for her work in Spencer, capping up a tumultuous awards season. In matching black and white outfits, the couple posed on the red carpet together and displayed some PDA for the cameras. Before Meyer let Stewart pose alone, they held hands while having their pictures taken and had a short kiss.

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