Why Did Kim And Pete Break Up After Nine Months?

The sudden and spontaneous relationship that made one of the hottest pairs of this decade had now suddenly come to an end. This week it was reported that the most trending couple of the season, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have broken up. The news was made public on Friday and fans couldn’t stop wondering why did Kim and Pete break up? Their relationship looked picture perfect and finally, Kim seemed happy but what could have gone so wrong that they had to split up? We have gathered the details about why Kim and Pete break up that you would like to know.

Kim And Pete Break Up Due To Age Difference

On Friday, news outlets reported about Kim and Pete breaking up but fans remained in shock as they had no clue why the loving couple parted ways. Well, the insider has got the news, and fans kind of expected it. 

A source close to the couple said, “Pete is 28 and Kim is 41 — they are just in very different places at the moment,” “Pete is totally spontaneous and impulsive and wants her to fly to New York, or wherever he is on a moment’s notice,” “But Kim has four kids and it isn’t that easy. She needs to focus on the kids.”

The couple is in love but both have their own priorities. Like Pete is young, never married, with no kids and he is continuously up for random things. Whereas Kim who is now 41 has four kids with her ex-husband Kanye. Besides, she is a billionaire with multiple businesses, a reality show, a very public divorce, and kids to manage. These are some of the many things that Kim is struggling to keep up with.

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On the other hand, having Kanye West as her ex is nothing short of trouble. The inside explained the situation that she has to deal with on a daily basis with Kanye.

“When Kim is with someone else, Kanye can cause problems with the kids. He tries to divide and conquer. He can’t help it.”

“Kim is a really dedicated mother, and her kids will always come first. She wants and needs harmony at home and in her life.”

So, it is mentally impacting Kim to manage so many facets of her life. 

However, this happened just before “The Kardashians” will be back on Hulu with new episodes on 22nd September 2022. The fans are going to see more of Kim and Pete and their love story growing as soon as the trailer. So, it will be a difficult time for the couple to relive those moments.

The Couple Started Dating After Kim K’s SNL Performance

What started with a kiss during the skit has concluded for now. The former couple met each other when Kim Kardashian went to host “Saturday Night Live” back in October in which Pete was a regular. They performed together and the couple started dating in November.

The Couple Started Dating After Kim K’s SNL Performance
The Couple Started Dating After Kim K’s SNL Performance

“I was like, ‘Wow, I really haven’t kissed anyone else in 10 years, so maybe I’m just like being stupid and it’s nothing, it’s just a stage kiss,’”

The relationship started soon after Kim’s separation from Kanye West. Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021 after a very public fallout.

While addressing her love life in her show, “The Kardashians,” she stated, “I wasn’t even thinking, like, Oh my god, I’m going to be in a relationship with him,” “I was just thinking, like, Heard about this BDE, need to get out there … I was just basically DTF.”

When Kim was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she disclosed that Pete even got a tattoo for the Skims founder that reads, “My girl is a lawyer”. It was such a cute moment.

But now that the relationship is off, many fans are wondering what Pete will do with the tattoo. Pete was also previously engaged to pop sensation Ariana Grande and he also dreams to have kids of his own one day.

Even after the breakup, Kim and Pete are on good terms and they do share deep love and care. Hopefully, the lovers will reconcile again but for now, it is over.

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