Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah? Their Relationship Timeline!

Ben Azelart Dating: Ben Azelart will be 19 years old in 2021, having been born on January 10th, 2002. He was born in Texas, to a family from the upper middle class. In addition to being an American citizen, he is a member of the Christian faith. He attended Kailua Intermediate School in Hawaii for his early education. Having completed his high school education there, he next enrolled in a private institution in Hawaii and graduated.  From a young age, he was passionate about skateboarding and took part in a number of contests in the sport.

Ben Azelart Dating and his relationship history are all covered in this article.

Midway Through 2021, Hannah Thomas and Ben Azelart Dating First Time

Midway through 2021, Hannah Thomas and Ben Azelart began dating. Their appearance on each other’s social media posts increased, showing that their relationship had developed into something more. Azelart publicly shared love-themed pictures of him and Hannah from Valentine’s Day, confirming their relationship. Ben captioned the image from the 15th of February 2022, “Valentine’s Day polaroids.”

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According to their social media updates, Ben and Hannah value their time together. She participated in a kissing contest that Ben Azelart placed on his Facebook in the middle of July 2022. Hannah and Azelart advanced to the competition’s final round but lost out on the $10,000 prize to Dom Brack and Sofie Dossi.

Is Hannah Thomas and Ben Azelart Dating?

Many people anticipated that Ben’s separation from Lexi Rivera would be difficult for him to overcome. On December 25, 2020, he posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “TRYING TO FIND A NEW GIRLFRIEND!” Ben’s entire quest for a new love interest was the focus of this video. His friend Jeremy, Ben Azelart’s best friend, was urging Ben to use Omegle to find a new partner because Ben was lonely.

Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah
Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah

Lexi Rivera and Brighton Sharbino Were Azelart’s Ex-girlfriends

Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera’s breakup in November 2020 was the first time we learned of their romance. For several years, the two were said to have been seeing each other. There were many rumors that they were dating, but there was never a definitive answer as to their relationship status. As they broke up in a heartfelt video, the couple thanked one other and claimed they will stay friends. They cited public dating as a contributing factor in their breakup. Those were the words of the two men:

Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah
Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah

“Being in a relationship with someone through the internet is an entirely different thing. We were baffled and, to be honest, it wasn’t easy, especially since we were so young at the time. At this time in our life, the transition from teenagers into adults was the most significant. It became increasingly difficult and perplexing as time passed.” Hannah Thomas is currently his girlfriend, but Ben has not ruled out rekindling his relationship with Lexi in the future.

Azelart and Lexi’s social media posts show that they are still close friends. The actress Brighton Sharbino was Ben’s ex-girlfriend before Lexi. After the separation, Sharbino opened up about their connection. Ben was described by Brighton in a video shared by her sister Saxon Sharbino in late June 2020 as the perfect partner and the two ended their relationship amicably.

In 2022, Who is Ben Azelart Dating?

Ben Azelart has not yet found a partner. Till 2015, his connection with popular YouTubers Lexi Rivera and TikToker was turbulent at best. As of 2018, Ben and Lexi have been filming TikTok videos together. Brent Rivera, a popular YouTuber with over 35 million subscribers, was Ben Azelart’s first TikTok collaborator. Ben’s connection with Lexi blossomed as a result of him keeping in touch with her.

It’s been three years since this charming couple’s TikTok videos shocked the internet with their remarkable chemistry. They ended things in November 2020, even though they’d been a popular couple on the video-editing software. For many who had been following this pair for a long time, they were pleased to hear the news that they were engaged to be married. Ben and Lexi broke the news of their breakup in a YouTube video that was posted in November.

Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah (4)
Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah (4)

It was revealed that Ben and Lexi had made this decision after discussing some of their personal experiences. Neither of them held any ill will against the other and vowed to keep their friendship. Our hearts swell as we watch the film’s depiction of the psychological relationship between the two. When they made it to the end of this film, we had all of our questions answered.

Who Is Hannah Thomas?

A lot of people follow her on Instagram. Her due date was the 20th of August, 2000. As of this writing, she has over 90,000 Instagram followers, despite posting just a few times and joining Instagram only a few months ago. Her Instagram is known for sharing photographs that are pretty daring. TikTok is also a popular platform for Hannah Thomas. A lot of fashion, modeling, make-up and travel content can be found on her TikTok page.

Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah
Is Ben Azelart dating Hannah

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