Is Shakira In Jail? Everything We Know About The Spanish Tax Fraud Case

Headlines about the famous Colombian icon, Shakira going to jail broke out on the internet. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is now having six serious charges against her after failing to pay around $15 million in taxes to the Spanish government. The years that she failed to pay were between 2012 and 2014. The prosecutors claim to seek a huge fine of $24.5 million for not paying the dues. 

However, the singer claims that she “trusts her innocence and chooses to leave the issue in the hands of the law,” as stated by Llorente y Cuenca, her public relations firm. As this is a serious case, the star is expected to serve time in prison if everything is proven. So, let us find out in detail about the tax fraud case.

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Is Shakira In Jail?

No, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer isn’t in jail and still has time in her hands. If proven guilty, Shakir could end up spending as much as 8 years and 2 months in prison. However, the judge has the power to waive off the prison time for the “first-time offenders” and in this, Shakira is a first-time offender. In such a case, Shakira may have to spend less than two years in prison. As it has been not proven yet,

is shakira in jail
is shakira in jail

The singer was charged with tax evasion in December 2018. Shakira claims to have listed the Bahamas to be her official residence. On the basis of this, the tax was given. However, prosecutors argue that the singer was living in Spain with Gerard Piqué, her ex-partner, and her children.

Post that in 2019, the singer presented herself in front of the court and was free from the charges of any tax fraud. After everything was settled, her PR firm proceeded to clear all the pending amount she owed to the tax office to avoid any further harassment.

But in May, another trial was recommended and the Spanish Judge Marco Juberías claimed to have found “sufficient evidence of criminality” to take the case for trial.

However, experts think that the term “resident” is the main issue under the Spanish tax law. This is calculated on the number of days the concerned individual has stayed in Spain before being identified as the “tax resident”.

Douglas S. Stransky, who is an expert in international law, claimed, “Is one considered a resident of a country by buying a house in that country even if that person is only there for four days?” “I think in this case it is true that Shakira did spend time in Spain, but the real question is whether she spent enough time there so as to be considered a tax resident of the country.” 

So, Shakira’s case may be the same and that may have led her to such serious trouble.

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The Spanish Authorities Are Publicly Threatening Shakira of Prison

As of now, the Spanish authorities didn’t present any sort of evidence that can prove that Shakira did a tax crime. It can be well considered a tax mistake but evading tax was not something she would do as others believed. Some claim that prosecutors have made things worse for themselves by publicly threatening Shakira. Stransky claimed, “Most of the time in cases like this, the government doesn’t go the criminal route,”. “My guess is that (Spanish authorities) are trying to pressure her into settling the case by (deploying) the bad publicity and the threat of jail.” 

The Spanish Authorities Are Publicly Threatening Shakira of Prison
The Spanish Authorities Are Publicly Threatening Shakira of Prison

The developments regarding the case are still not confirmed as there have been no updates. But this multi-million-dollar tax evasion case has been covered by all types of media.

Shakira is having quite a tough year as found out that the love of her life and the father of her children was cheating on her. She had to end the relationship and soon after that, the tax evasion fiasco happened. Shakira has been singing since the earliest age possible and she dominates the world with her singing as well as dance moves. So, such a claim can tarnish her reputation. But if proven wrong, Shakira is expected to take further action. As of today, Shakira is not in jail and still awaiting trial.

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