When Does Thor Come To Disney Plus: ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ May Hit Disney Plus This Month

Thor: Love and Thunder may be available on Disney Plus this month. Disney won’t disclose when its most recent Marvel film will be available for streaming, but the timing of Lightyear’s Disney Plus release makes Thor’s streaming release date much more predictable. The movie Thor: Love and Thunder premiered on July 8. However, the average reviews (the CNET critic called them “disappointingly shallow”) might have you waiting until the movie is out and available on Disney Plus.

Disney has a wildly inconsistent streaming approach for its theatrical films. Before it was streamed, Encanto was in theatres for a month. It lasted for two months with Marvel’s Eternals. Three months after it had only been seen in theatres, Steven Spielberg’s remake of the musical West Side Story debuted on Disney Plus. Thor’s release date on Disney Plus is currently unknown, but Lightyear’s timing gives us much information.

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What Is Thor: Love And Thunder’s Disney Plus Release Date?

Thor: Love and Thunder’s streaming debut has not yet been announced by Disney. However, Disney’s revelation of Lightyear’s streaming release date has made it reasonable to assume that Thor will start streaming on Disney Plus on August 24.

Disney Plus allowed many films to be streamed on Disney Plus the same day they were released in theatres while the pandemic lockdown was in effect. However, it has been giving its live-action theatrical movies lengthy periods of exclusivity in cinemas before making streaming available for more than a year. Disney hasn’t formally established a standard length for these theatrical exclusives, which is unfortunate.

When Does Thor come to Disney Plus
When Does Thor come to Disney Plus

The corporation seems to have decided to keep its theatrical releases in cinemas for 47 days before streaming them on Disney Plus. The two most recent Disney movies, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Eternals, spent 47 days in theatres before arriving on Disney Plus.

This is two weeks less time than Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Doctor Strange, respectively. Most recently, Disney revealed on Tuesday that Lightyear, the first Pixar film released in theatres since the beginning of 2020, will begin streaming on Disney Plus on August 3 — a date also 47 days after its theatrical debut.

Because of this, Thor: Love and Thunder are scheduled to release on August 24.

Disney has also moved closer to the customs of other major studios, which have primarily gravitated to theatrical exclusivity lasting roughly 45 days, by appearing to adopt this 47-day timeframe. (There are exceptions for this summer’s colossal franchise blockbusters.) The good news is that compared to when Disney first resumed theatrical exclusives last year, this alleged “window” of time is shorter.

Fortunately, Disney typically announces the streaming release date for their movies a few weeks in advance, so the precise date should be determined in the first few days of August.
When Will the Marvel Film “Thor: Love and Thunder” Arrive on Disney Plus?

‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ When Will The Marvel Flick Head To Disney Plus?

Thor: Love and Thunder have been playing in theatres for a while, but the movie hasn’t exactly been receiving consistently favorable reviews (it has a 67 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes right now). A cosmic rom-com with a god-butchering villain is included in the Thor: Ragnarok sequel, one of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When can I see the Marvel juggernaut at home? Although the official Disney Plus streaming release date hasn’t been announced, we may estimate a release date based on prior Disney movies.

When Does Thor: Love And Thunder Hit Disney Plus?

The movie Thor 4 was released only on July 8. When Thor: Love and Thunder will premiere on Disney Plus has not yet been announced in an official press release. But we can predict the release date of the most recent Marvel film based on earlier Disney films.

Lightyear will have taken 47 days once it debuts on Disney Plus on August 3. Black Widow took 89 days, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings took 70 days, Eternals took 68 days, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness took 47 days, and Eternals took 68 days.

What do those figures for Thor 4 mean? It will launch on Disney Plus at the end of August or maybe early September if it follows the latest Disney release, Lightyear.

A Few Disney Plus Subscription Details

Disney Plus’ standard subscription costs $8 per month or $80 annually, but if you also get Hulu and ESPN Plus, the price rises to $14 per month.

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Some Advice On Watching Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor 4 is like “10-year-olds telling us what should be in a movie, and we said yes to every single thing,” claims director Taika Waititi. He added, “If you wrote out every aspect of this movie, it shouldn’t make sense.” This section essentially serves as an additional primer for what to expect from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

The warning: Don’t watch the third and most well-liked Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok, before the most recent. Allow the influence of outstanding movies that have come before to have no bearing on your expectations. Here’s one more Waititi quotation to get you ready via Empire:

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