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Is Anne Heche Still In Comma? And Has Not Regained Consciousness Since Car Crash

is Anne Heche still in comma

is Anne Heche still in comma

Anne Heche hasn’t come to since she crashed her car in Los Angeles on Friday and was knocked out. Initial reports about the actor’s condition said she was “stable,” and firefighters said she spoke to them as she was being pulled from the wreckage.

But on Monday, a spokesperson for Heche, who is 53, said, “Despite earlier reports that Heche was stable, she became unconscious and fell into a coma soon after the accident. She is in critical condition.”

Heche’s representatives also said, “Right now, Anne is in very bad shape. She has a serious lung injury that needs mechanical ventilation, and she has burns that need surgery.

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On Saturday, Heche’s publicist said that her condition was “stable” and that her family asked for “thoughts and prayers.” Reports said that Heche had been driving fast down a street the day before he crashed into a house.

is Anne Heche still in comma

This started a “heavy fire,” which the Los Angeles Fire Department said took several firefighters an hour to put out.

The person who lived in the house got out without getting hurt, but the building was deemed unsafe to live in. There is a fundraising page to help the owner replace her things and home.

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Fox News heard from the people who live next door that the car had gone right through the house. “Since the windows were broken, I opened the car’s back door. She [Heche] answered and said she wasn’t OK, which was hard. I know they didn’t get her out of the car until the fire was almost out.”

Heche is best known for her parts in movies like Psycho, Donnie Brasco, Six Days, Seven Nights, and Cedar Rapids. She has two sons.

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