Is Multiversus A Cross-play? How To Play Cross- Platform?

The gaming community has been delighted ever since Multiversus has launched and it looks like that Multiversus is not showing any sense of slowing down. It is the latest and the greatest game from Warner Bros and this fighting game is not only a pleasant surprise for the fans of Warner Bros but also delivers a great sense of excitement to the entire gaming community.

Ever since the launch, gamers and fans have continued to wonder whether Multiversus is cross-play and supports cross-platform gaming.

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How Popular Is Multiversus?

Multiversus has earned a good reputation among fans, gamers, and critics alike, largely because of the gigantic ensemble cast of Warner Bros they have under their umbrella. It has got rave reviews from all around and it doesn’t look like the developers have any plan of stopping anytime soon. Even before the open beta was available on Steam, it hit over 60,000 players, and soon after that, it surpassed the 100,000 players mark on Steam. 

Is Multiversus A Crossplay
Is Multiversus A Crossplay

There are many fighting game fans and gamers on Steam and this huge number of downloads from all around not only sparked interest but also intrigued a huge sense of curiosity among the mass. This highly anticipated fighting game has been on the wishlist of many for quite a long and the huge roster of fighters it offers is definitely something to look forward to. The question that has a lot of players kept under darkness is multiversus cross-play. Before we get into that, Multiversus offers a rotation of free characters, which not only makes the game more exciting but also gives gamers innumerable choices when it comes to picking their favorite fighter.

That being said, if players are interested to jump into the fighter title, there is more than 2V2 on offer. There is a tier list of the best characters to choose from which can help you dominate the game Multiversus. Also, gamers can fancy testing out the roster of characters in some custom games. But the game actually gets more exciting and fun when you choose to play it with your friends.

Multiversus And Cross-Play, Everything You Need To Know

Multiversus is a kind of game that is best enjoyed with your friends, or your enemies but is Multiversus cross-play? Well, to simply put the answer, yes, Multiversus supports cross-play for the delight of all their fans. It comes in enabled automatically which helps the players find matches faster.

Players can however choose to turn off their cross-platform matchmaking in the game settings if they want to play with known users on the same platform. Though gamers will not find any difference in the gameplay, the match-making may take a little longer than usual when it’s turned off. Is Multiversus crossplay a question that has been bugging a lot of players and to answer them all, Multiversus supports cross-play on all the platforms the game is available on, like, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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While the question is Multiversus cross-play is answered, a lot of players are actually not interested to try out the cross-play option. The next question that comes is how can one enable or disable the crossplay option in Multiversus. Well, it’s pretty simple and direct. All you need to do is go to the main menu screen, hit on the settings on the left-hand side, go to Online/Legal, and from there choose to allow or turn off cross-play or Cross Platform Matchmaking on the game.

Is Multiversus cross-play is something that a lot of players were concerned about and it’s definitely a piece of good news that Multiversus supports cross-play. Another exciting piece of news is that Multiversus also supports cross-platform progression. All the progress in the game is directly connected to the Warner Bros account. It doesn’t matter from which platform you are playing or logging in, if you log in to a new platform with the same account, all your progress in the game will be stored and carried over.

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