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What’s New Splatoon 3? Release Date Status, Trailer, Character And More

Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3

The Nintendo Switch version of Splatoon 3 is currently being produced and will be available soon. There isn’t much longer till we experience a new ink-filled adventure because Splatoon 3’s scheduled release date is in September. There is much to be thrilled about in Splatoon 3, including the wide variety of new and old weapons, the confirmed return of the co-op game Salmon Run, and the odd new adversary known as the Mammalian.

There was no Splatoon 3 at E3 2022, but there was still a lot of news to read. Read on to learn everything we currently know about Splatoon 3 because we know you’re eager to enter Splatville later this year.

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When Is The Splatoon 3 Release Date?

The release date for Splatoon 3 is Friday, September 9, 2022. Let’s cross our fingers that this game is not another one that has been delayed in recent years because this aligns with what we heard in the lead-up to the release reveal. Initially, we were informed that a release in March was most likely, but it always seemed a little too soon.

Is There A Trailer For Splatoon 3?

There are other Splatoon 3 trailers available right now, but this one was made longer and debuted during Nintendo Direct in late 2016. An Inkling is followed as they go from the Splatlands to the enormous, chaotic city ofSplitsvillee in the trailer.

In addition to seeing the Eiffel Tower upended in a vast pit and torn from its foundations, we also get an early peek of character development, which we’ll discuss further in a moment. If you’ve been following the Splatoon lore (oh yes, there’s lore), you already know the series takes place on Earth many years after humans went extinct. Even though it might appear like a random addition to the world, it isn’t. When our Inkling heroes reachesSplitsvillee, they immediately engage in a Turf War to demonstrate their new skills and equipment.

Splatoon 3 Weapons – What’s New?

Some Splatoon 3 weaponry from earlier games were shown in the first trailer, including updated versions.96 Gal and the Range Blaster. We now know that the primary Inkling uses a three-stringed bow known as the “Tri-Stringer.” Soon after the release date in 2022 was announced, Nintendo unveiled additional information regarding two weapons, including the bubble above and a brand-new ink vacuum dubbed “Ink Vac.”

Splatoon 3

With simultaneous firing in three directions, the Tri-Stringer(opens in new tab) can shoot charged bullets that briefly freeze before exploding. On the other side, the Ink Vac (which opens in a new tab) features a large nozzle that can inhale ink from an enemy’s attack and immediately send it back. The more strikes you inhale, the more potent the counterattack will be.

The Crab Tank, a modified Triple Inkstrike, The Big Bubbler,  and the Zipcaster are more weapons we know will be included in Splatoon 3. (opens in new tab). Nintendo has also announced that Splatoon 3 will feature all primary weapons from previous Splatoon games (opens in new tab).

Splatoon 3 Idols – Who Will They Be?

Here is all we currently know about the Splatoon 3 idols, which have not yet been announced. Callie and Marie, as the Squid Sisters, were first presented to us in Splatoon; we know they’ll make another appearance in the most recent game, at least in the campaign.

Splatoon 3

Pearl and Marina, aka Off the Hook, were then featured in Splatoon 2. We may expect a fresh set of stars to inform us of the most recent splat-happenings in Splatoon 3 because the comparatively transient fame of Splatoon idols parallels real-life celebrity turnover. Is it unrealistic to wish for a Salmonid/Jellyfish punk band?

Splatoon 3 Character Customization

Character customization in Splatoon 3 appears to be more robust and diverse than ever before. The trailer suggests that you can choose between playing an Inkling or an Octoling right away and that you will only need to select a physical body type rather than a gendered option. Both species have adopted new hairdos, including braids and closer cuts. Yet it doesn’t stop there; you can choose a haircut for your adorable but odd pet small fry. We can only hope that your little friend is unaware of how many of its kind we splattered back in Salmon Run.

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Splatoon 3 Story Mode – Who Are The Mammalians?

Our concept of the Splatoon-diverse has been seriously challenged by our first look at Splatoon 3’s story mode (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves – don’t start calling it that). The “Return of the Mammalians” trailer featured certain well-known Octarian enemies covered in odd, dark fur and scenery with the same hair.

Your Salmonid small fry pet will probably need to help you remove part of that fur as you go, but the mystery of how it got there in the first place remains. Is there more to this post-human apocalyptic planet than the advanced marine life we’ve already encountered? We’re talking more than them, Judd and Judd.

Splatoon and Splatoon 2 both featured lengthy and unexpectedly enjoyable single-player campaigns despite being multiplayer-focused games. It’s unlikely that Splatoon 3 won’t do the same. We engaged in a covert conflict with Octavian troops in the previous two games. Now that Inklings and Octolings—a well-known subspecies of the Octarians—are coexisting peacefully, will the Mammalians become our new foes?

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