Why Did Alums Pedro and Chantel Jimeno Split? Inside Their Divorce!

Splitsville. The Family After six years of marriage, Chantel stars Pedro Jimeno, and Chantel Jimeno have separated and filed for divorce. Why did Alums Pedro and Chantel Jimeno split? The former 90-Day Fiancé stars had been documenting the ups and downs of their marriage on TLC.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Pedro filed for divorce on May 27 and stated that their marriage was “irretrievably ruined.” The previous pair parted ways on April 27. Pedro, 30, requested an equitable division of all marital assets and the debts incurred during the marriage to be split between him and Chantel, 31, by their respective contributions.

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The native of the Dominican Republic also submitted a plea for an urgent hearing. He said in the document that Chantel reportedly withdrew more than $257,000 from their joint business account on April 23. He asserted that Chantel moved their combined funds into an account held jointly by Chantel and her sister Winter Everett.

The papers stated that Pedro claimed he attempted to “resolve this situation amicably” with the Georgian “to no avail.” He asked Chantel to “be required to transfer the money into a joint checking account that both Parties can access and be required to only use the monies for household expenses until this Court renders equitable division of those monies to the Parties” He also asked Chantel to “be required to provide a financial account/record of any monies that have been spent out of the monies that were removed from the Parties’ joint business.”

Why Did Alums Pedro and Chantel Jimeno Split
Why Did Alums Pedro and Chantel Jimeno Split?

Furthermore, he asserted Chantel “is aware the Plaintiff is financially dependent on the monies from the Parties joint business account for his monthly expenses and the Defendant removed the monies out of the Parties joint business account out of spite and to prevent the Plaintiff from meeting his monthly living expenses and needs.” The judge turned down Pedro’s request for an urgent hearing on May 31.

Chantel and Pedro were also given a mutual restraining order at the time of the divorce filing, which prohibits them from “doing or attempting to do, or threatening to do, any act that injures, maltreats, vilifies, intimidates, molests, or harasses the adverse party, restrained from selling, encumbering, trading, contracting to sell, or otherwise disposing of or removing any property belonging to the parties from the jurisdiction of the Their divorce proceedings are still pending.

Pedro’s attorney declined to comment when asked by In Touch. When In Touch contacted Chantel’s attorney, he had no comments.

On July 7, Chantel filed her counterclaims in response to Pedro’s lawsuit. According to court records obtained by In Touch, the nurse argued that she was entitled to a divorce from Pedro due to “adultery” and “cruel treatment,” which included “physical domestic assault, as well as emotional agony.” She stated that their “marriage is irretrievably ruined with no possibility of repair” as the basis for the divorce. No response was received immediately when In Touch contacted Pedro’s legal counsel for comment regarding Chantel’s allegations.

In season four of 90 Day Fiancé, the former couple made their reality television debut by chronicling the 90 days leading up to their March 25, 2016, wedding. As a result of the couple lying and claiming Pedro had the K-1, often known as the fiancé visa, when he was in the country on a student visa, Chantel’s Family refused to approve of their marriage. In seasons 2, 3, and 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, the conflict between Chantel and Pedro’s families was subsequently chronicled.

A spinoff called The Family Chantel premiered in June 2019 thanks to their family drama. Season 4 began on June 6, with the pair having recently bought their first home together, Chantel starting a full-time nursing career, and Pedro beginning his real estate career. However, tensions rose when the couple argued over communication problems and had disagreements about desiring children.

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Before Pedro started his new work, I could feel him drifting away from me. They used to argue over how much time Pedro spent playing video games, but ever since he got his new job, the affection has stopped, she said in an interview with producers on a June 13 show. It’s more complex than that. The game is not the focus. It concerns him and the reasons for his refusal to spend meaningful time with me.

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