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Camila Cabello: Austin Kevitch Romance Rumours

Camila Cabello Confirms Austin Kevitch Romance

Camila Cabello Confirms Austin Kevitch Romance

Camila Cabello appears to have found a new love interest. Lox Club CEO Austin Kevitch, 31, and the singer, 25, were pictured strolling hand in hand in Santa Monica, Calif. on August 7. In addition, the couple dined at Caffe Wooyoo, where they weren’t shy about displaying their affection.

“They were very sweet together and looked happy,” an eyewitness told. “They kissed. When they left, they held hands and took a walk together. They had a nice day and looked like they very much enjoy being together.” Impressions provided Camila’s outfit, which she complemented with a pair of black sandals, gold hoop earrings, and a crocheted bag with a brown leather strap, for this day of celebration. A white T-shirt and green shorts were Austin’s attire of choice.

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In an Aug. 8 Instagram post, the “Havana” singer and entrepreneur shared a picture of two cups of Caffe Wooyoo, which stood out from the rest of the photographs on the carousel. In the past, Camila and Austin have been spotted together, and this is not the first time. In June, the two were seen out and about together. It’s not clear how Camila and Austin met, although they appear to share Nicholas Galitzine as a common interest.

The actor, who portrayed Prince Robert in Camila’s Cinderella 2021 movie, has shared photographs of Austin on Instagram. Shawn Mendes was once Camila’s ex-boyfriend. After dating for over two years, the “Seorita” actors announced their split in November. While they mentioned a joint statement, that they’ll “continue to be best friends,” Camila suggested their priorities in life started to shift.

“I feel like that was that way for both of us,” she told Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1 in March. “Because we both started so young too, it’s like we’re really learning how to be healthy adults. And that sometimes means not having your number one focus be your career.”

Camila, who was pictured with Austin in June, also revealed how her views on relationships have evolved since the two were first spotted together. “I don’t put a lot of focus on it,” she told Cosmopolitan U.K. in an interview that was posted online on July 7. “I just really want to hang out with people, I want to make friends and I’ve made a lot of great friends over the past year. A lot of girlfriends. I’ve got some great group chats going. If something happens, then that’s really fun, but I don’t put any pressure on it. Before I used to be like, ‘Yes, love, oh my god, love,’ and now I’m just trying to have a good time. I just want to live my life and have great friendships. If something comes out of [them] that’s something more, then that’s great.”

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