Crimson Desert Release Date Status, Trailer, and Backstory (Latest Updates)

Absolutely, blood has stained the desert red. That’s the first (and perhaps most crucial) fact you need to know about Crimson Desert, a brand-new open-world action game developed by the same studio responsible for Black Desert Online. According to the official site, it is “a narrative written in blood,” and the evidence of that is plain to see in the sand.

So, tell me more; what else should I know about Crimson Desert? A five-minute gameplay trailer for the game was shown at 2020 The Game Awards, albeit the clip didn’t run continuously. Instead, it was like watching a highlight reel, with clips of the various settings, characters, fighting styles, and story beats.

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There was no voiceover whatsoever in the trailer, and the cutting around made it hard to keep track of what was happening. Melodrama abounds, for sure, but what exactly is going on and how does it relate to Black Desert Online? We can help with that. We have pieced together all that developer Pearl Abyss has stated about its new game by analyzing the trailer and reading the explanations on Crimson Desert’s official website.

When will Crimson Desert be Released?

There is currently no release window for Crimson Desert. As of July 2021, Pearl Abyss had already declared that it would be postponed until the following winter. Pearl Abyss explains that the team has resolved to spend more time developing new ideas to make the game more in-depth and rewarding. “As a result, we have decided to postpone the release of Crimson Desert so that we can give players the best possible experience while also protecting the well-being of everyone involved in bringing it to fruition. In the near future, we will share a revised schedule.”

Crimson Desert Release Date
Crimson Desert Release Date

Here’s the Trailer for Crimson Desert

This five-minute clip debuted at the 2020 Game Awards and boasts that “Crimson Desert will bring high-resolution graphics and game features, as well as a highly immersive gaming experience, developed on Pearl Abyss’ proprietary, next-gen engine.”

Is Crimson Desert a Continuation of Black Desert?

It’s not a Black Desert sequel. It was originally envisioned as a prequel to Black Desert, however developers Pearl Abyss have subsequently said that it is not particularly related to Black Desert and is instead its own standalone IP that shares some themes.

We know that it isn’t directly related to the plot of Black Desert, but they may exist in the same universe. Or they could be altogether different. With the trailer adhering to a gameplay highlight reel format and the story summary on the game’s website avoiding references to Black Desert, we can’t be sure if the two share the same universe or just the same developers.

Functionally, it appears that you will not need any prior familiarity with Black Desert to begin playing this game.

What’s the Backstory of Crimson Desert?

Pearl Abyss has provided us with some background information on the plot itself, despite the fact that the connections to Black Desert are not quite evident. In this role-playing game set on the planet of Pywel, your mission is to explore the many regions and bring them together under your banner while also gathering allies.

On the website for the game, there are a few excerpts, however, the following provides the most concise and accurate synopsis of the plot: “The King of Demeniss, who is also known as the Unifier of Lands, is now in a coma. Those people who have been oppressed by his dictatorial reign are now looking to take advantage of the power vacuum that has resulted.

Crimson Desert Release Date
Crimson Desert Release Date

Some of those who have suffered under the tyranny of his conquests want nothing more than independence, while others have fantasies of establishing their own absolute reign.” You have an opportunity to seize the day and make a name for yourself in this newly created power vacuum.

Why is that Strange, Magical Gate There?

Crazy, huh? No clue. I suppose it’s something fantastic. With no story given away in the clip and it remains unclear how closely this is related to Black Desert, all we can say for sure about this bizarre, magical gate is that it’s a gate, which appears to be magical, and seems very weird. [Teaser at 2:13]

How does Battle in Crimson Desert go?

It initially appears to be typical, hazy medieval cuisine. Swords, shields, axes, bows—the whole nine yards. Although the emphasis in the trailer is clearly on combat weapons rather than ranged ones, bows and arrows are still prominently displayed. It appears like there is a lot of close-quarters combat with strong swings as opposed to deft maneuvers. Avoid rolling as well.

A Stone Cold Stunner is unexpectedly dropped by the player character at one point as well. A cannon is shown a little later in the trailer, which doesn’t appear to fit the time period at all. A new generation of weapons has appeared alongside the old: Pistols next to swords, cannons next to axes, and even hand-mounted cannons, according to the Crimson Desert website.

Crimson Desert Release Date
Crimson Desert Release Date

It will be interesting to see how it balances because I’m not sure I’d like to go into war with a wooden shield and a small blade if the opposing side has glocks. It’s conceivable since Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag did a terrific job at it.

Does Crimson Desert Contain Any Fantasy Components?

You betcha, I say. The video for Pearl Abyss doesn’t hold back on the fantasy elements, claiming that “each area has its own unique character that is both fanciful and grounded in harsh realism.” We saw dragon battles, mysterious runes, haunting swamps, magically forming walkways, a lot of other fantasy creatures, and of course, that weird gate thing.


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