Top Safest Games to Play Online and How to Boost Your Cybersecurity

Maybe you are already devoted yourself to an online game you imagine playing your whole life, or have recently taken up on the online gameplay hobby and are searching for a title to get to grips with. 

Whatever the case, finding “the one” and discovering what game genre fascinates you the most necessitates plenty of time and energy spent on stumbling across many that are not according to your desires. Find out that over five million games belong to approximately 38 game genres. As convenient as this diversity may sound, know that it also comes at a cost. You have to pay tremendous attention to what websites you access, what sources you use for downloading games and files, the information the app requires from you, and where you subscribe and send money. 

Keep reading if you want some tips on how to play online games safely and what would best suit your preferences.

Cyber-safety is key 

Besides your taste in games and schedule, you must consider an aspect of the same paramount importance. And that is your cybersecurity!  A data breach implies your confidential and sensitive data is accessed and disclosed unauthorizedly and may be used for fraud. 

According to researched statistics, the average number of data breaches and cyberattacks increased by 15.1% from 2021. ThoughtLab expects a growing cyberattack trend and increased sophistication in computerized threats and cybercriminals’ techniques. This makes red flags harder to spot, makes your data more reachable, and jeopardizes your security when playing online games.

To exclude any existent risk when there are so many online threats can be a tricky thing. Therefore, besides taking all the preventive measures in your powers, you must also think of a backup plan to minimize the financial damage in the event of a data breach. Here are some easy steps to take to defend yourself from data breaches:

  • Check links before you click them 
  • Put your network behind a firewall
  • Use VPN
  • Backup your data
  • Ensure endpoint protection 
  • Secure your Wi-Fi

Luckily, our smart devices display symptoms of malware if viruses like worms, trojans, rootkits, adware and spyware infect our devices. The warning flags are: slowed down web browser or computer, pop-up advertisements, frequent crashing and freezing, unusual emails and messages, programs that close or run on their own, and deleted or modified files.

If you spot any of these signs, download a virus scanner and run a virus scan. Should you experience a misfortunate data leakage, know that there still are some measures that mitigate the financial damage. For example, recommends you contact a data breach compensation solicitor to ease the economic recovery process by obtaining your compensation. After you get past this unfortunate occurrence, ensure you put your backed-up data on a more secure computer and invest in the best antivirus software.

Choose secure online games

Now that your mind is clearer on the measures that prevent a cyberattack, increase prudence by playing a secure online game. Pick a genre of your liking – shooters, sandbox, action-adventure, MOBA, sports, real-time strategy, and role-playing are among the most played ones worldwide. 

The following ones are among the safest online games you can play:

League of legends 

It is one of the most popular games. You can find women, too, among the millions of LoL players. Your character possesses specific skills that allow it to fight and defeat allies to reach the ultimate goal of gaining rewards and leveling up. It is a fast-paced, complex, and exciting game. It doesn’t only require fast finger reflexes – strategy, perseverance, competitiveness, and agility are among the many skills a good LoL player needs and develops. 

You can play it any time from your smartphone or computer, and it only lasts around half an hour – far less than a two-hour World of Warcraft.

Age of Empires IV

This game is a real-time strategy game that resembles one of the most beloved real-time strategy games – Age of Empires II, which managed to pass the test of time and inspired Age of Empires IV. A modern AOE game for strategy players depicts aspects of medieval life and civilizations like the Mongol, Russian, French, Chinese and English ones. Intermediate and complex difficulties require an impressive amount of skill to play. The lowest difficulty level is recommended for any AOE newbie.


This single-player and multiplayer sandbox game was released in 2011 and became the best-selling video game of all time. You have to explore a world with virtually infinite terrain, a procedurally generated blocky 3D world, and extract and discover raw materials, items, and craft tools that help you build machines, earthworks and structures. The game is fascinating because it allows you to cooperate or compete with other Minecraft players worldwide or fight computer-controlled mobs. This captivating game enhances creativity, adaptability, teamwork, and strategic skills.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

CoD’s latest instalment takes place in the Second World War period and takes you to the Pacific, North Africa and the Eastern front. It is a single-player campaign whose storyline depicts WWII events. This lavish game offers fantastic graphics through realistic backgrounds and explosions.

You can try Call of Duty Cold War if you prefer battling against human opponents in multiplayer mode. 

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has proven to be a smash hit and dominates smartphones and consoles. It uses augmented reality, developing your orientation, collaboration and teamwork skills. You can find Pikachu, Pidgey and many other beloved characters standing on the sidewalk, and you have to catch as many of those you like as possible to battle them at gyms. It resembles LoL’s style and figures online battles, but it is easier to learn.


GTA is an open-world game with reality as its axis. A GTA experience enables you to try to have races, heists, deathmatches, stunt missions, and other activities with or against other players. You can go around doing things you are not allowed to do in real life, like driving illegally, earning and stealing cars, arms, and money. It will give you a sense of escape from reality and allow you to act out your story in whatever way you want.


Of course, there are thousands of other fun and secure games to play if the ones above don’t fit your expectations or preferences the most. You must take the time and essential precautions to ensure you play what online game you want while your computer and data stay safe. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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