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Who Is Most Hated Man On The Internet? (UPDATED)

Who Is Most Hated Man On The Internet

Who Is Most Hated Man On The Internet

On social media sites like TikTok, a man named Andrew Tate has suddenly become popular, but not for the right reasons. Domestic abuse advocates are very concerned as a result of video clips of Andrew Tate expressing his incredibly misogynistic views that have been viewed over 11 billion times and shared on TikTok from his podcast and other YouTube videos.

Who is Andrew Tate?

The sexist comments of American-British kickboxer turned Internet sensation Andrew Tate has recently made the news. Anti-violence against women activists are demanding that any recordings of Tate expressing his views be taken down from social media sites like TikTok and Instagram in response to his different comments to prevent them from tainting the brains of young men.

Tate began training in kickboxing about 2005, and at one point he held the top spot in Europe for his cruiserweight weight class. Tate has won two world championships from the ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) in two separate weight classes. Emory Tate II, an African-American international master of chess, is Andrew Tate’s father.

How has Andrew Tate become famous?

Unfortunately, Andrew Tate has achieved undeserved fame. He frequently exhibits homophobic and misogynistic opinions, saying things like that rape victims should “carry some responsibility” for their assaults and that he wouldn’t do CPR on a man if he needed it because it’s “gay.”

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He chose to live in Romania for a specific reason after claiming in a YouTube video that has since been taken down that it is simpler to avoid being charged with rape in Eastern Europe. In other words, Tate rarely says anything positive.

Big Brother

Tate participated in Big Brother 17 in the UK in 2016, however, producers had him removed after a video of him using a belt to beat a lady surfaced. When the woman in the video was discovered, she stated that she had given her agreement and that it was “fair game.” Tate was nevertheless dropped from the reality program.


Andrew Tate’s ascent to stardom has primarily come through TikTok, where videos frequently show up in consumers’ home feeds. This is due to the algorithms used by TikTok, which shares movies with more users based on the amount of engagement they receive. When some people enjoy and share a certain video, TikTok will then show that video to other users who have similar interests, and so on, until it eventually snowballs and appears on millions of users’ feeds.

Who Is Most Hated Man On The Internet

In these films, Tate can be seen carrying a machete and threatening to “knock out the machete, boom in her face, and seize her by the neck” if she accuses him of cheating. Keep quiet, bitch. In other videos, he claims that he would only date girls between the ages of 18 and 19 because he considers them more appealing and because “I can put my imprint on her” because they have “had less d*ck.” Make her a nice person without subjecting her to all of that hard as she learns about life.


Images of Andrew Tate posing with fancy automobiles like Bugattis, taking vacations in exotic locales, and flaunting his kickboxing prowess and gun collection can be found all over his Instagram page. Within 24 hours following the publication of this article, Tate said on Instagram that he will “give considerable sums to charity which support women against domestic violence.” But I’ll also give a sizable sum to organizations that support males with mental health problems.

“The haters and liars think that because I stand up for and support males, I despise women. No. We can both succeed. People require assistance. Both men and women can get our help. Top G is kind to everyone.


Due to Andrew Tate’s persistent use of hate speech in his tweets, multiple Twitter accounts have been suspended. In a few comments, he asserts that sexual assault victims should share some of the blame for their attack and that sadness is not a legitimate illness.

Other Controversies

There is evidence to imply that Andrew Tate is a misogynist in real life in addition to speaking out against women. According to earlier reports, authorities in Romania searched Tate’s residence as part of an investigation into the rape and people trafficking. An American woman and a Romanian woman were discovered by Romanian authorities on Tate’s property. The inquiry is still ongoing.

What is Andrew Tate Net Worth?

Andrew Tate reportedly has a net worth of $250 million, per online sources. This number hasn’t been verified, though, and Tate could easily exaggerate it. He earlier claimed to be the first trillionaire in the world in an interview with Twitch streamer Adin Ross. But we’re going to take it lightly given that people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos haven’t yet accomplished that feat.

The aforementioned Hustlers University has been one of Tate’s major sources of wealth. New students enroll for a $49 cost, and they receive 50% of that money if they refer other students to enroll. Currently, Hustlers University says it has just over 100,000 members. The War Room online course from Tate carries a fee as well; it costs £4,147 in the UK.

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