A Pro-Johnny Depp YouTuber Was Sent A Cease-And-Desist After She Targeted An Employee of Amber Heard’s PR Team

A Pro-Johnny Depp YouTuber Was Sent A Cease-And-Desist After She Targeted An Employee of Amber Heard’s PR Team: In a letter telling the YouTuber to stop, a law firm said that the person was spreading lies and conspiracy theories about an employee of the public relations firm that works with Amber Heard.

Laura Bockoven, who was once a real estate salesperson in Massachusetts, often defends Johnny Depp on Twitter and YouTube. Public records show that she was a real estate salesperson. The law firm Bergeson LLP sent the letter to Bockoven on Thursday. It says that Bockoven lied when he said that a Twitter account that often defends Heard in viral threads belongs to Crisanta White, a publicist at Shane Communications, a company hired by Heard to handle her public relations.

White said in a public statement on her website that Depp’s fans have harassed her, including by posting the addresses of her family members online.

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The campaign against the publicist and the Twitter account that supports Heard is the latest online effects of Heard and Depp’s legal battle.

Laura Bockoven has more than 70,000 people following her on Twitter, and in her Twitter bio, she says that she is an “internet journalist.” On Wednesday, she posted a thread on Twitter that suggested White ran the account “k4mil1aa,” which is better known as “Kamilla.”

A Pro-Johnny Depp YouTuber Was Sent A Cease-And-Desist After She Targeted An Employee of Amber Heard’s PR Team
A Pro-Johnny Depp YouTuber Was Sent A Cease-And-Desist After She Targeted An Employee of Amber Heard’s PR Team

White wrote in her statement, “I’ve always been proud of having a great reputation.” “In turn, I am taking legal action against Laura.”

Some YouTubers and other content makers got millions of views by telling the story of the trial from a pro-Depp point of view. As creators who support Heard have gotten more attention over time, they have become more hostile toward each other. This has made the culture war that was started by the legal battle between Heard and Depp last longer.

“This you Kamilla?” Wednesday, Bockoven sent out a tweet with a link to a Deadline article that said Shane Communications had hired White. Then, Bockoven and her followers seemed to compare White, who is black, to a drawing of a black woman that Kamilla uses as her Twitter profile picture. At the time of publication, Bockoven had not taken down the tweets.

“Ms. White has nothing to do with the Twitter account of “Kamilla.” “Ms. White has never posted to @k4mil1aa, and she doesn’t know who the real “Kamilla” is,” said the cease-and-desist letter sent to Bockoven by Shane Communications.

A Pro-Johnny Depp YouTuber Was Sent A Cease-And-Desist After She Targeted An Employee of Amber Heard’s PR Team
A Pro-Johnny Depp YouTuber Was Sent A Cease-And-Desist After She Targeted An Employee of Amber Heard’s PR Team

“It’s hard for us to figure out why you think that Ms. White is Kamilla. Is it because both of them are black? Even so, your false accusation against Ms. White has led to a steady stream of harassment and threats from people who believe your claim and agree with you about the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation case.”

White said over the phone that she has nothing to do with Kamilla’s account. Kamilla, whose full name she doesn’t give out to protect her privacy, has said on Twitter and through direct messages that she is not White. When asked for comment, Bockoven did not answer.

Kamilla tweeted on Thursday, “I’ve said over and over that she’s not me.” Her old profile picture was a popular drawing of a Black woman by Sam Yang, an artist from Toronto who has 2 million Instagram followers. Yang put the drawing on Instagram and Pinterest in July 2021 and said it was an exercise in drawing faces and hair. Yang hasn’t said that his drawings are based on any one woman in particular.

“That woman is not me. Move on,” Kamilla tweeted Thursday evening. When asked through a direct message, the owner of the Kamilla account said they didn’t want to confirm their identity because they were afraid of being found out and harassed online.

Kamilla’s Twitter account, which has more than 20,000 followers, has posted tweets and threads that have gone viral in support of Heard. These tweets and threads ask the public to rethink the story that Depp’s team and supporters told during the trial. As the dust from the trial has settled, her posts have helped a growing online movement to support Heard.

“Now that we are all feminists again, can we talk about the Depp v. Heard case again? Here’s a thread with the most damning evidence against Johnny, most of which was hidden or ignored by social media,” she wrote in one thread that got more than 74,000 likes.

Some of Heard’s fans have noticed in the past few weeks that their content seems to be having an effect. Celebrities have started to unlike Depp’s Instagram post about winning the trial, pro-Heard spaces on Reddit and Twitter have grown, and TikTok, which used to be a never-ending stream of pro-Depp videos and anti-Heard memes, has started to react to Heard’s favor to documents from the trial that were made public in July.

Still, creators who focus on Depp have kept giving his fans new content, like attacks on the creators, journalists, academics, and domestic violence experts who have defended Heard.

During the trial, Bockoven was one of the people who made pro-Depp videos that went viral. Some of her tweets about the trial got more than 25,000 likes, and her YouTube videos about Johnny Depp’s legal cases have been watched more than 370,000 times. Before the trial, she also talked with Depp’s team.

Adam Waldman, Depp’s lawyer, said in his deposition, which was played for the jury during the trial, that he talked to Bockoven “the same way I would talk to mainstream media.” The people who work for Heard said that Waldman told Bockoven and other YouTubers that Heard was “a liar and a hoax artist.”

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Depp’s fans attacked Heard, her supporters, and even her witnesses before, during, and after the trial. During the trial, there were a lot of bad reviews on the WebMD profile of a clinical psychologist who testified on Heard’s behalf. Content creators who defended Heard on social media said they were harassed by Depp’s fans. A psychiatrist who testified for Heard said that the criticism he got was “horrific.”

At the end of the trial, a jury in Virginia gave Depp $15 million in damages, and Heard’s counterclaim was worth $2 million. Even though Depp did well in court and was able to get public support, fans of the actor have kept working to defend him against criticism.

Kamilla tweeted on Thursday, “Just so everyone knows, I’m not at all comfortable with this, and I really don’t like how my account is being used to harass black women.” The day before, she said on Twitter that she was being stalked and beaten by her boyfriend, which is why she said her account is anonymous. Kamilla said on Friday that she made her account private for a short time to stop the harassment.

In response to tweets about her thread about Kamilla’s identity leading to harassment of White, Bockoven wrote, “I just did my research and went where it led me. I’ve never told anyone to bother someone. Sorry.”

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