Who Would Win Grant Gustin Vs Ezra Miller? (UPDATED)

Could Grant Gustin, who now plays Barry Allen on The Flash, be on the verge of making the switch from the Arrowverse to the DCEU and taking Ezra Miller’s place in the DCEU? Gustin’s schedule is currently about to become significantly freer. The long-running Arrowverse television series will conclude with the forthcoming ninth season of The Flash, which was just revealed.

In other recent news, Miller was detained once more, this time in Vermont for felony burglary. According to reports, The Flash is in grave danger of being canceled as a result of Miller’s numerous arrests and other instances of problematic behavior. The Flash may be scrapped or even remade with a different actor playing the lead role because Warner Bros. Discovery recently canceled Batgirl despite that movie having finished filming.

As far as many fans are concerned, enter Grant Gustin. Fans believe that the recent publicity surrounding both actors has created the ideal conditions for Gustin to transition from the Arrowverse to the DCEU. Uncertainty surrounds whether that will transpire, but it is clear that many fans are rooting for Warner Bros. Discovery to approach the project in this manner.

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Added supporter: “Now is the time to book Grant Gustin as the movie’s flash. But in all seriousness, I am unsure of Miller’s exact circumstances. I guess I hope everyone is safe.” Another person says, “Get Grant Gustin to come in and reshoot The Flash scenes.” It will be expensive, but in the long run, it might prevent them from having a major headache.

Grant Gustin Will Soon Say Goodbye to the Arrowverse

The CW’s The Flash will conclude with season 9 according to a recent announcement. Grant Gustin has been playing the part for a very long time; he has already played it for a very long time. Some fans are speculating as to whether Gustin would even be interested in staying in the DCEU or if he would choose to move on from the role at this time.

Who Would Win Grant Gustin Vs Ezra Miller
Who Would Win Grant Gustin Vs Ezra Miller

Season 9 of The Flash will be the show’s final season, which was confirmed this week “Gustin spoke about the cancellation in a tearful video that was uploaded to Instagram. “The only reason we have been able to continue for as long as we have is because of the incredible nearly ten years that we have spent playing this character and being a part of this show, with an amazing cast and crew, and so much love from you guys, from the fans and the people who love the show. I’m eager to complete this on our terms one more time, and I’m going to do my best to take it all in while I can.”

He added: “And to the fans: “I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your support in keeping the show running for as long as we have. I feel incredibly privileged to be linked with this role for the rest of my life and career. I sincerely appreciate your support, and I hope you enjoy this final season. It is truly an honor. I’m sure I’ll enjoy making it. Thank you, men.

It would seem that Gustin has already accepted that The Flash’s final season will be his last as the red-suited speedster, but perhaps he won’t mind continuing in that role for a few more years given the higher pay that would probably come with a switch to the big screen by appearing in Warner Bros. films.

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