What is Known About the San Francisco 49ers Situation With Jimmy Garoppolo?

California’s SANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback under contract, has remained with the team all offseason despite the fact that their separation was expected to happen in March.

Garoppolo’s right shoulder injury caused early offseason trade arrangements to fall through, which is in large part why neither the Niners nor Garoppolo have been in a rush to find a solution up to this point. However, with a 53-man roster deadline approaching on August 30, Garoppolo and the Niners are growing impatient to part ways. His pay against the cap would be guaranteed if he made the initial roster.

Coach Kyle Shanahan stated, “I think everyone does [want to discover a solution]. “He handled it admirably, in my opinion, but that’s just how business is. Everything’s reality is that. I believe he is aware that sometimes waiting is necessary. You constantly wish it could be different, but he recognizes that this is business and that’s the way it is.”

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The $7.5 million injury guarantee in Garoppolo’s contract was released to the Niners when he reported for training camp on Tuesday and cleared his medical. He is taking part in a meticulous throwing regimen to get ready for his next assignment even if he is not practicing with the squad.

Garoppolo is free to enter and exit the team facility whenever he wants. He spends the majority of the day working on his throwing regimen and recovery. On the first day of training camp, he was observed in the team’s weight room. Since then, he has been seen working on his conditioning on a side field, but he has not stayed for drills or meetings.

Where Is Jimmy Garoppolo (2)
Where Is Jimmy Garoppolo (2)

Jimmy is working out really hard and throwing the ball extremely hard, according to Shanahan. “I won’t go into detail with you guys, but you’ll understand when I say that we must act in the organization’s best interests. And while always acting in the best interests of this company, we’ll do everything we can to make Jimmy’s situation as favorable as we can.”

Now that Deebo Samuel’s contract has expired, all eyes are focused on Garoppolo’s predicament. What we do know and what happens next are as follows:

Why does a Transaction Take So Long?

It has been challenging for the 49ers to make a trade because of the shoulder surgery and the abundance of better, healthier quarterbacks who have become available this offseason. Early interest waned after Garoppolo decided to have surgery in March, and by the time he finally started throwing in late June, the majority of the available quarterback seats had been taken.

Shanahan clarified that the second-year quarterback Trey Lance had assumed the No. 1 quarterback position on the day the team reported to camp, dispelling rumors that the Niners kept Garoppolo because they were uncertain about him.

Where Is Jimmy Garoppolo
Where Is Jimmy Garoppolo

Will Garoppolo Start For the 49ers in the Preseason?

Very little suggests that Garoppolo will return to either training or games for the Niners. If Garoppolo sustains another injury, as Shanahan has warned, there will be financial consequences. As of now, his $26.9M pay for 2022 will be deducted from the salary ceiling thanks to his basic salary of $24.2M. However, none of that cash is assured.

However, Shanahan has knocked down most possibilities involving Garoppolo returning to play for the 49ers because, if the quarterback were to be injured again, his pay would become guaranteed. “I don’t give an absolute anything, so yeah, I’m sure I could come up with the scenario,” Shanahan explained. That, however, would surprise me, as I believe I indicated earlier, and I still believe that to be the case.

What Possible Landing Areas Are There?

The number of options has substantially shrunk over the course of the summer, and Baker Mayfield’s trade from the Cleveland Browns to the Carolina Panthers is the pinnacle. Coincidentally, Cleveland seems to be the most likely remaining destination, but it will hinge on a potential suspension for quarterback Deshaun Watson and how long that potential suspension lasts.

The Browns would provide Garoppolo the chance to join a contending team and restore his worth giving the Browns a tried-and-true option. Seattle Seahawks may potentially be a choice, but a deal with them would be challenging due to their position in the NFC West. However, a division-within-a-division quarterback swap has a Shanahan-led precedent.

Donovan McNabb was acquired during Kyle and Mike Shanahan’s time in Washington by the Philadelphia Eagles. While not always easy to pull off, such transactions are still achievable. The Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, and Houston Texans are some other teams who might be interested in acquiring Garoppolo at a discounted price (both in terms of a trade and monetary compensation).

Where Is Jimmy Garoppolo
Where Is Jimmy Garoppolo

Shanahan declared, “We’re not trying to fool ourselves or play any games. “I believe everyone in the league is aware of that. However, you also can’t suddenly make one of the league’s top quarterbacks freely available to the entire world.” Given that Mayfield’s compensation was guaranteed and none of Garoppolo’s is, the idea that the 49ers would have to forgo some of his salaries, as the Panthers did with Mayfield, doesn’t hold much water.

But if a trade occurs, it makes sense for Garoppolo to modify his contract since it would provide him the chance to receive some guaranteed money, which he doesn’t currently have.

Can We Expect Garoppolo to be Released By the Niners?

John Lynch, the team’s general manager, and Kyle Shanahan have both made it clear that Garoppolo will not be sent away for free. The clock is ticking because this has gone on for far too long. For Garoppolo’s 2022 salary to become guaranteed in any way other than through injury, he must be on the team’s first 53-man roster as of August 30.

It’s unlikely that the 49ers will keep Garoppolo at such a high guaranteed salary if a trade hasn’t been finalized before then. Garoppolo has thus far refrained from asking for a trade, but the longer he waits to sign with a new team, the less likely he is to be drafted or be able to contribute immediately.


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