Gordon Ryan Net Worth: How Rich Is The Grappler Actually?

The best grappler of modern times, Gordon “the King” Ryan is the modern-day icon. Gordon has evolved as a star in his own field and today, Gordon Ryan’s net worth has touched a new milestone. The grappler has come out victorious in ADCC, and IBJJF World Championships and he also became a social media influencer through his social media activities. As a matter of fact, he is considered to be a marketing genius after Gordon Ryan’s net worth became noteworthy through his smart tactics. But how did Gordon Ryan’s net worth become such a huge figure? Know about his lifestyle, earnings, and more.

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Gordon Ryan’s Early And Family

On 8th July 1995, Gordon Ryan was born in New Jersey. At the early age of 15, he started his training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Little did he know that it would be the reason for Gordon Ryan’s net worth. He had expert professionals help him to become jiu-jitsu professional. The names of those experts are John Danaher and Garry Tonon in New York City. Besides his brother, Nicky Ryan also grew up and trained with him and became successful in grappling. 

Gordon Ryan’s Career

After Gordon won the IBJJF World Championship at the high-esteem brown belt level, Gordon Ryan’s net worth spiked up along with his career. Soon he had outdone himself by winning at black belt level at multiple Eddie Bravo Invitational tournaments. With a huge salary statement, Gordon Ryan’s net worth became prominent. Besides, he did win multiple prize money from his tournaments which makes Gordon Ryan’s net worth. The star gets multiple money from high-profile sponsorships, however, that isn’t his biggest income source.

Gordon Ryan Net Worth
Gordon Ryan Net Worth

As a matter of fact, Gordon Ryan’s net worth mostly comes from selling BJJ instructional on BJJFanatics. Without a doubt, he is considered to be the best-selling athlete on the given platform. He has inspired and motivated thousands of individuals through his instructions.

However, the star is not free from any sort of controversy. He has been involved in multiple controversies such as slapping Andre Galvao that almost led to a fight. Then he feuded with multiple BJJ athletes over social media that did get transferred to real life as well. Ryan always stands by his words and with whomever, he takes rivalry with, he keeps it to his heart. So, it gets pretty hard. 

Now coming to marketing strategy, his brilliant business plans prove how intelligent he is. While performing in competition, he combines his trash-talking power with boasting about his winning performances. One point to be noted is that Ryan tries to show all of the moves that he uses to win matches in his instructional videos. And it can be vouched that hardly anyone can replicate these moves.

Gordon Ryan’s Personal Life

Gordon Ryan’s net worth and personal life make him a happy man. Ryan found himself a girl who can support him through thick and thin. Her name is Nathalia Santoro and she is deemed to be a fitness model. Besides, she is also a bodybuilder and BJJ competitor. You may have also watched Nathalia in Ryan’s instructional available on BJJFanatics. 

Moreover, Nathalia has built a huge following for herself. She is just as popular as her partner is. Santoro is currently a proud purple belt holder under John Danaher. Soon she is expected to be promoted to brown belt and then black belt by his boyfriend, Gordon Ryan. However, the champion didn’t comment anything regarding this and we still do not know if this is going to be the absolute result.

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Gordon Ryan’s Net Worth

2022 has been a pretty good year for Ryan and Gordon Ryan’s net worth is currently standing at $3 million. All his fortune comes from the royalties of all his instructional available on BJJFanatics. The prize money he earned only makes a small portion of what he has in possession. It is said that Ryan has made $200,00 in prize money back in 2001 and that is quite the amount. Gordon Ryan’s net worth also includes many of his real estate and luxury cars but the details have still remained undisclosed to the public even to this day.

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