How To Watch The Lions Vs Falcons? Catch The Game Live

The Detroit Lions have been pitted against the Atlanta Falcons in the 2022 preseason match to be held on Friday, August 12th, and are all set to play against them. Fans are interested to know all the live updates related to the show, we assure you that you will not miss any updates. So, if you are a fan of football and want to watch the game or follow the game on the radio, you have come to the right place to find out exactly how to. Here are the exact ways you can adhere to watching the Lions Vs Falcons game without spending any minute doing useless searching all over the internet.

How To Watch The Lions Vs Falcons?

The match between the Lions and the Falcons is set to be held on Friday 12th August at the Ford Field Stadium from 6 PM onwards. If you are a resident of Detroit or will be in Detroit during that time you can easily watch the match live or on FOX 2 channel.

However, if you are outside Detroit when the match is supposed to be held then you have to take to other stations to follow the match. You can stream the match on the NFL Network and even the NFL App. FOX 2 is not allowed to stream the game by the rules and regulations set down by the NFL and thus you cannot watch it on any of their platforms outside Detroit. 

The game coverage begins at 5.30 PM on FOX 2 with the Lions Gameday Live. The contributors of FOX 2 such as Dan Miller and Jennifer Hammond will be present live at Ford Field on the day of the match to preview the game.  You should also wait for the after-game talks which will be hosted on FOX 2 featuring Dan, hammer, and the remaining crew who are going to review and break down the match for you.

How Much Will The Lions Starters Play?

If you are hoping to watch the starters play throughout the 4 quarters, you surely have to be joking. Goff, Swift, Hutchinson, WR D.J. Chark, and the other starters are only guaranteed to play through only the first quarter, if at all.

How Much Will The Lions Starters Play?
How Much Will The Lions Starters Play?

Goff is followed by Tim Boyle and David Blough who will be competing against one another to mark a good impression as the team’s backup and probably finalize a spot on the roster. The Lions had made it a point to bring both Boyle and Blough back to the team on a one-year deal since they shared reserve backup duties in the last season. In the 2021 season, Boyle had served as backup to Goff. However, this year both of them are splitting the time with the second team offense while they were in training camp.

Dan Campbell, the coach of the Lions has recalled that he feels like either of them is in much better form than they were back in spring. He has also reckoned that it is now too early to tell anything about the final team and only their respective performances in the preseason game are going to do all the talking for them.

What’s Next Waiting for the fans?

If you are a Lions fan you will be wanting to know how you can see more of your favorite team in action. Well, don’t you fret about it since we’ll tell you exactly when to expect them the next time around. 

After the preseason game on Friday, August 12th, the Lions are set to play two more preseason games. The Lions will head to Indianapolis on Saturday, August 20th to play a game against the Colts from 1 PM onwards. Following this game, they will head to Pittsburgh on Sunday, August 28th, to play a game against the Steelers which is scheduled to start at 4.30 PM.

Prepare yourself, get charged up, and start watching the match soon enough to catch up with the upcoming games. So, are you going to tune it and complete the game tonight or the day after tomorrow? We bet you will do that, aren’t you going to do so?

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