How Did Jonghyun Die? Everything To Know About The K-Pop Star’s Sudden Demise

Much before BTS made the K-pop industry famous in the world, the K-pop industry was known by some famous artists and their bands. SHINee is one such popular band that made a name for itself in the industry and is a fan favorite band even to this date. Even after they stopped making music, SHINee lived in the hearts of his fans for years. One of the members of SHINee was Kim Jong-hyun a.k.a Jonghyun. He was a popular singer-songwriter who also was a record producer and author working under the famous SM Entertainment company. As a matter of fact, he was deemed to be the main vocalist for SHINee for almost nine years. The Korean boy band had both Korean and Japanese languages. But his sudden death saddened the K-pop industry and fans still cannot believe it. So, today we will be discussing how Jonghyun died and what led to all of these.

How Did K-Pop Jonghyun Die?

The members of SHINee were hugely popular and Jonghyun had a tremendous fan following all over the world. In December 2017, Jonghyun died suddenly. The entire industry was shocked and the K-pop industry couldn’t take the loss of such a popular star. Jonghyun was lying dead at an upscale private hotel in Seoul, Korea. He was only 27 years old at the time of his death. 

how did jonghyun die
how did jonghyun die

The reports revealed that he died after committing suicide. It was done by poisoning through carbon monoxide. He has also left a farewell note for his fans and family. It was revealed to the public on the following day and it disclosed the toxic intense pressure that the Korean pop star had always been struggling with. It was said that the Korean pop star couldn’t handle the constant pressure of being a celebrity in such a hugely populated country. 

As per the report, Kim’s older sister did talk about the singer-songwriter’s last text message before committing suicide. He did hint about suicide but never guessed that he will be taking such steps. Kim was one of the brightest human beings ever but his sudden death felt like the music industry lost something valuable.

Why Did Jonghyun Commit Suicide?

Jonghyun was hugely suffering from depression. He tried to cope-up with it but he failed. Besides, the constant battle to fight his mental illness exhausted him from the core. Previously, he was seen blaming his personality for not being able to recover from his depression. But never did the singer talk about the reasons for his depression. But one thing was clear, he couldn’t take the pressure of being an idol to generations after generations. The letter that was uploaded stated the difficulties of being in the K-pop industry as well.

Why Did Jonghyun Commit Suicide?
Why Did Jonghyun Commit Suicide?

“I am broken from inside. The depression that had been slowly eating me up finally devoured me and I couldn’t defeat it.” “Maybe I wasn’t supposed to come up against the world, maybe I wasn’t supposed to be known to the world; I’ve learned that’s what (makes my life) difficult. How come I chose that”.

Further, it suggested that the Korean entertainment industry always tends to keep its artists under extremely high pressure. It is known to have a very tough “Hunger Games” like environment where everybody is forced to compete with each other to survive in the industry. As the industry focuses on recruiting teenagers, grooming them, and making them idealistic figures to the fans, it becomes tough for those individuals to cope-up with the pressure as they grow into adults.

After the death of Kim, the attention was again shifted to the harsh practices of the industry. Fans flooded social media after the loss of the iconic K-pop singer.

One said to AFP, “I came here to say my last farewell … since we fans apparently couldn’t be there for him when he needed help most.”

Whereas, another tweeted, “I think our country has very high expectations of celebrities.”

The last words of the K-pop icon were hurtful and touched the hearts of millions of fans. We hope that the ill practices of the industry are eliminated from their roots and that no more artists have to lose their life.

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