Iza Calzado Pregnant? When Did She Know About Her Pregnancy?

Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado-Wintle, fondly known in the professional world as Iza Calzado, is an actress hailing from the Philippines, a television host, a dancer, and a model. She has been dubbed the “Goddess of horror Films” and her acting prowess has been much acclaimed in the many Filipino horror movies she has starred in. It was recently found that she is pregnant at the age of forty. She has admitted that she was riddled with many questions as soon as she found out about her pregnancy.

When Did Iza Calzado Know About Her Pregnancy?

Last Friday, the 12th of August, she was in an interview with Bianca Gonzalez on her show Cinema One. It was seen on their YouTube Channel that Iza recalled being “in shock” along with her husband Ben Wintle when they found out about the pregnancy from the positive result of the kit. It was agreed between the partners that this year was not going to be the one when they were to get pregnant and this caused their initial shock. However, she was also noted as saying that God had other plans for them and she acknowledged that God’s plans were always greater than whatever she could see ahead of herself, it was greater than what her heart and mind could even conceive.

Iza Calzado Pregnant
Iza Calzado Pregnant

In the interview, Iza had said that though this pregnancy was unplanned, it was indeed a pleasant surprise for the couple and thus ultimately highly appreciated. Though they were initially in shock, it took them about a week to get accustomed to the good news on the way. In fact, she is already 3 months pregnant and cheerfully awaits what is to come her way.

How Iza Calzado Dealt With The News of Her Pregnancy?

Iza Calzado has been seen as telling her host in the interview posted on YouTube that she has already started to make various changes in her life to get ready to handle the pregnancy. Most of these changes pertain to changing her routine to get her body ready to support the pregnancy. She has already started to scale down on her workout routine and has also surrendered control over her weight. She also recounted what her initial reaction was when she found out that she was going to be a mother.

Iza tells Bianca Gonzalez that initially there was a knee-jerk reaction to the revelation. “Is this what I want?”, is a question that came to her mind first, she admitted in the record. The question about if she wanted it at this particular time came to her since she was turning 40 and it was a big decision for her to make. However, she soon went around accepting the deal given to her and has since got into a habit of telling herself positive things. This was to mentally prepare her for the oncoming birth and also to shield her child from the “unwanted” energy that she might have given off initially.

Accepting Her Pregnancy

Iza Calzado claims that she has been quite self-centered throughout her entire life and thus has been quite vocal about the news since she found out about it.

She has always taken into consideration what she wants and what her loved ones want for her but has always put her wants above all. However, she reveals that when it comes to being a mother, she has to think about more than just that, and that makes all the difference. She has said that she has really started to understand how the mind of a parent works.

Iza had revealed her pregnancy to the world by a display of the growing baby bump during her 40th birthday celebrations. The pregnancy came after 3 years of being married to Wintle. This has been a roller coaster ride and she is expecting to see a massive change in the g days;

So, Iza is currently living her best life and expecting her baby soon. In just a few days, the happy news will come and we will update you as soon as the revelation is up. What do you think about Iza’s pregnancy? 

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