Was Raymond Burr Gay? He Had To Conceal His S*xuality And Lead A Lie-Filled Life

Canadian actor Raymond William Stacy Burr (born May 21, 1917; died September 12, 1993) was best known for playing the title characters in the TV series Perry Mason and Ironside. Burr had a varied early playing career that included appearances as the bad guy on Broadway, radio, TV, and film.

His most famous part was as the prime suspect in the murder case in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Rear Window (1954), but he is also well-known for his appearances in Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956) and Godzilla 1985 (1985). He played Perry Mason for nine seasons (1957–1966) and in a total of 26 TV movies, for which he won acting Emmys in 1959 and 1961. (1985–1993). He was nominated for six Emmys and two Golden Globes for his work on the second season of the TV series Ironside.

Was Raymong Burr Gay
Was Raymong Burr Gay

Raymond Burr Hid His S*xuality And Lived A Lie-Filled Life On ‘Perry Mason’

Social acceptance of a wide range of s*xual orientations increased over time. More communities emerged, including the LGBTQ+ group, to provide a safe space for persons who are marginalized for being themselves. Since society was less accepting in the past, many queer people buried their identities beneath straight facades and never came out. Acclaimed actor Raymond Burr is one of them.

Raymond Burr Early Life

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, is where Burr’s parents were born. The costly clothing he wore complimented his towering stature and piercing voice. Up until he turned 22, he had never had a serious romantic relationship with another student. Around that time, Ed Sullivan spread rumors that Burr was having an affair with Ona Munson.

Since it was later revealed that Ona Munson was a lesbian and had been through three failed marriages, the likelihood that the rumor was accurate decreased.

Was Raymong Burr Gay
Was Raymong Burr Gay

Fortunately, Burr discovered his calling in high school theatre and went on to train at the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse after graduating. He earned two Emmys for his role as fictional lawyer Perry Mason in the drama series “Perry Mason.” Two-time Golden Globe nominee Matthew Rhys portrayed the lead role in the series revival of the legal drama.

Raymond Burr Marriages

Burr’s first wife, the actress Isabella Ward, and he met when he was 25 and she was working as a teacher at the Pasadena Playhouse. After dating for five years, he finally proposed to his co-star in “Quiet Wedding” in January 1948. That couple didn’t last long together, sadly. After a brief marriage, the couple separated in 1952. Ward returned to Baltimore, but he and his wife never remarried.

Burr insisted differently, though. In its place, he wed a Scottish actress named Annette Sutherland. Burr claims that he and Annette first met while he was on tour in Britain. She gave birth to their son Michael Evan Burr in 1943, he said; he was diagnosed with leukemia the following year and passed away.

Burr said that he took his son Michael on a cross-country tour during a yearlong break from show business before Michael’s untimely death in 1953. But in 1952 and 1953, the actor appeared in seven TV series and eight films, making his story highly improbable.

Another fabrication of Burr’s was that his wife, Annette, had perished in the same plane crash as Leslie Howard in 1943, not long after the birth of their kid. The airline checked, and sure enough, they had no record of a passenger by that name (Annette Sutherland) on that flight.

Was Raymong Burr Gay
Was Raymong Burr Gay

If Burr’s story is true, Isabella would have met his son Michael when he was five years old. Isabella answered the question thusly when questioned:

“No, I never met him. Because there was no son. But I don’t want to talk about that — it isn’t my place to say anything about that.”

It’s strange that Burr left out his marriage to a woman called Sutherland, who Ward claims he never mentioned. While Burr was on set, he was often asked about his family life, and every time he responded with the same, “I don’t discuss that.” After introducing himself to the public as a widower, Burr allegedly added another deceased wife to his story.

His cancer-stricken wife, Laura Andrina Morgan, was married to him in 1955, he informed Barbara Hale, his “Perry Mason” co-star. It has been said that they got married shortly before her death. On the other hand, a different story circulated concerning Burr’s whereabouts in the mid-1950s. During this time, he was actually chatting to Natalie Wood and entertaining Korean soldiers.

The press, being the press, naturally inquired about his marital status. Burr was careful to give a lecture to the reporters on set when one of them asked him about his wife so that they wouldn’t ask again. Specifically, he made the following statement:

“I am an unmarried man, as opposed to a single man. A bachelor, according to the dictionary, is a man who has never been married. An unmarried man is not married at the moment.”

A Lying Web

Burr had numerous gifts, but he had a bad habit of deceiving others. He also made up marriages to women he met online and said he was in the United States military. That, however, was proven incorrect when it was revealed that he had actually served in the U.S. Coast Guard for some time rather than in the armed forces.

Was Raymong Burr Gay
Was Raymong Burr Gay

It has been said that Burr had scars on his stomach after being shot during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. Some have said he was awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery after surviving a kamikaze assault. Unfortunately, none of these turned out to be correct.


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