MGK Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is American Rapper?

One of the leading names in the industry, MGK aka Machine Gun Kelly is a celebrated American rapper. He is known for his unique looks and for bringing back the era of punk music through his rapping. MGK’s net worth is not the only thing that fans are interested to know since he has a very charismatic personality. As a matter of fact, Baker is also an accomplished actor that adds to MGK’s net worth. After spending decades in the industry and creating a name for himself, how much is MGK’s net worth in 2022? We have all the latest figures and numbers that will give you all the latest updates.

MGK’s Early Life

Richard Colson Baker is a Texas, Houston-born star boy. He was born on 22nd April 1990 and his parents were missionaries. So, he traveled around the world and lived in countries like Germany, Egypt and so many other countries around the world. As a matter of fact, he was also in different US states and finally settled in Denver after his mother’s early departure.

MGK’s net worth was not even a question back then and he was extremely bullied. He used to fight the bullies by using the power of words. It was at this time that the rapper became totally engrossed in rapping. He started creating music and, in the meantime, his father went to Kuwait to serving the army. Soon Baker had to call the neighbor’s basement his home and started taking drugs. At this point, he dropped his first mixtape named “Stamp of Approval” and didn’t attend school anymore. He actually wanted to stay with his father in Kuwait.

MGK’s Career

After completing high school, he talked an MC manager into giving his career a big launch. It was here that Colson took the stage name Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK. He started the mission of attaining MGK’s net worth by performing in local venues and even in Harlem’s Apollo Theatre. He then was in MTV2’s “Sucker Free Freestyle”. After that his second mixed “100 Words and Running” was out but still, MGK’s net worth was not enough to manage his financial struggles. His father threw him out and he started working at Chipotle.

But with his track “Alice in Wonderland,” he became famous and won many awards. Next, he released the mixtape “Lace Up” and then one of MGK’s tracks that he dedicated to the Cleveland Cavaliers was made viral after being played during the home games. MGK started to become a prominent name and collaborated with Juicy J for “Inhale”. Soon Sean Combs sealed him for his Bad Boy Records. And in 2012, his debut studio album named “Lace Up” was a game changer for MGK’s net worth. Hits like “Invincible” and “Wild Boy” belonged to this album.

MGK worked with visionary artists like Pusha T, Meek Mill, Twista, DMX, and more. He even collaborated with pop singer Camila Cabello for the 2016 hit, “Bad Things”. However, MGK and Eminem’s feud was always a topic of interest amongst fans. In 2018, this feud took a huge turn when Eminem called MGK’s 16-year-old daughter “hot”. The most popular diss track MGK wrote for Eminem was “Rap Devil”. The feud continues even to this date. Keeping the feud aside, his fourth studio album “Hotel Diablo” was dropped. In the same year, he announced the 2020 collaboration with Travis Barker for “Tickets to my Downfall”.

MGK’s net worth has been set by now and so he tried acting which he is extremely successful at. He is in films like “Beyond the Lights,” “Bird Box,” “The Land,” and more. Colson also has his unisex nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR recently which has been his passion project.

MGK Personal Life
MGK Personal Life

MGK’s Personal Life

Colson’s personal life had gone through stages of development just like MGK’s net worth. In 2009, he had his daughter Casie with Emma Cannon. Though this relationship wasn’t serious, he takes full charge of his daughter’s upbringing. But apart from that, he dated high-profile stars including models Amber Rose and Sommer Rose. However, he got into a committed relationship with Megan Fox in May 2020 and they are now officially engaged.

MGK’s Net Worth & Real Estate

MGK’s net worth in 2022 is $25 million and it is growing every day. He makes smart investments to earn more profits over the year. In 2020, he was renting a beautiful home for $30,000 in Sherman Oaks, California. He then bought YouTuber Logan Paul’s mansion for $7.5 million located in Encino, California. MGK’s net worth is adequate to continue his luxurious lifestyle.

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