Daryl Hannah And Neil Young Got Married: The Couple Didn’t Bond Over Their Fame

Neil Young and Daryl Hannah married years back but it was more than their fame that united them together. The icons of the 70s and 80s will always reside in our hearts. But when they officially became a couple, this made the fans happy. Hannah is deemed to be a prodigy who acted in many superhit films. Whereas Young is a prolific musician who won people’s hearts with his music. People guessed that it was their fame and money that brought both the stars together but we would like to debunk that and provide full clarity on the situation. So, here is Hannah and Young’s love that is as sweet as it can get.

Neil Young And Daryl Hannah Married Each other In A Secret Wedding

Young has been quite a dedicated man. For 34 years, he was married to his first wife Pegi Young. But in 2014, when Young met Hannah he was already filing to get a divorce from his ex. After he proceeded with the legal filing of a divorce in July in San Mateo California, Young proceeded to get to know Hannah. The couple started seeing each other but hardly anyone knew about it because they were very secretive about their relationship.

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Got Married
Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Got Married

The couple was fully in love and they date for almost four years before both Young and Hannah decided to become Mr. and Mrs. They have more than a reason to celebrate their love. When “The Mirror” reported that Hannah and Young are officially married, fans couldn’t believe it. As a matter of fact, the lovers had two separate ceremonies to make the wedding celebrations extra special. One ceremony was held at Young’s yacht in a prime location in Washington state whereas the other grand ceremony was in California.

After Neil Young and Daryl Hannah married, they decided to confirm their relationship status with their fans. They officially announced and all of the couple’s friends, families, and fans joined together to congratulate them. In fact, Hannah did a post on social media with a cryptic message that hinted about an upcoming union.

In the same year, the Splash actor couldn’t hold himself back from calling Hannah his “wife”. It was stated when he posted a video for the song “Ohio”. The singer wrote,  “My wife Daryl and I put this video together for you to reflect on.” Even Hannah shared the beautiful video on her personal Instagram. 

Neil Young and Daryl Hannah married but this marked the third marriage of the icon. In 1968 he married Susan Acevedo but that lasted for only two years. Besides, Hannah only dated high-profile people like John f. Kennedy Jr. and Jackson Browne.

The Couple Fell In Love Over Activism

Many fans still believe Neil Young and Daryl Hannah married and bonded over fame. But in this case, it is false. Actually, Young and Hannah love each other because of their passion for nature and volunteerism. They even led an anti-Keystone XL pipeline march together to show the massive support in Washington DC.

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Got Married
Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Got Married

A close source of Hannah and Young said that the couple is hugely passionate to serve the community and environment. So, “they bonded over their activism”. Hannah always ensures to speak about the pressing modern-day concerns. Besides, she uploads weekly videos for delivering sustainable solutions. Her home only operates on solar power and is fully constructed of green materials. This shows how much Hannah cares about the environment. Young, on the other hand, is always vocal about attaining the welfare of fellow small farmers. To support his cause, he even co-founded the famous benefits concert Farm Aid back in 1985.

Both Hannah and Young are extremely successful in their professional life. But finding love in each other and soon tying the knot, the couple proved that they feel complete. Neil Young and Daryl Hannah married years back and they are still quite happy in their own space. We hope that they stay bonded just like this, irrespective of what is coming their way. Neil Young Daryl Hannah’s married life is away from glamour but very much fulfilling. They definitely found love that is rare and pure!

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