Camila Cabello’s New Boyfriend: The Singer Was Spotted Holding Hands With Austin Kevitch

The fans were heartbroken when Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello called it quits. They were the “It Couple” of Hollywood and made the cutest pair. From sharing life together to making TikToks, fans couldn’t stop getting enough of Shawn and Camila. But even after Shawn spent years to win over Camilla, the couple couldn’t last. Soon Shawn dropped a new song and that was not considered to be a smart move by many. However, their love seemed pure and fans hoped that the couple may reunite back yet again. Well, that dream of the fans seemed to be shut down by now after Camila Cabello’s new boyfriend entered the story. Yes, the Senorita singer has moved on from Shawn Mendes and is now dating a new man who isn’t from the entertainment industry but is definitely popular. So, who is the man?

 Meet Camilla Cabello’s New Boyfriend Austin Kevitch

Rumors are everywhere and it is said that Camilla Cabello’s new man is not only rich but extremely good-looking. After having a very public breakup with Shawn Mendes, Camilla has now fallen in love with Austin Kevitch. They have been showing a lot of PDA and the paparazzi have exclusively captured those on camera. 

Camila Cabello's New boyfriend
Camila Cabello’s New boyfriend

Page Six reported that the couple was enjoying their public walk in Los Angeles without caring about the media or anything else. The couple seemed to enjoy their lovely company, laughing and giggling at each other’s jokes. It was a kind of relaxing walk, holding hands, taking a stroll, and making memories together. After some casual moments of romance, they were enjoying breakfast at a relaxing picnic table. She later proceeded to plant a cute kiss on her lover’s cheek and also caressed Austin’s face.

A source close to the couple confirmed that they are actually dating and added, “Camila is the type to go all in when she meets someone she likes, so she’s not seeing anyone else and neither is he, they’re totally into each other.  Camila’s friends are excited for her, she’s such a sweetheart she deserves a great guy and so far, Austin seems to be checking all the boxes.”

When Were The Couples First Spotted?

Prior to this, the couple was seen hanging out together in June. They went on a night out and rumors instantly spread all across the town. So, the rumors actually sparked two months ago. But how did they meet? Well, Hollywood is a well-connected space and it is heard that Camila’s “Cinderella” movie co-star may have something to do with it. Nicholas Galitzine is the common source between Austin and Camila and he might have helped in setting up this unique match.

Camila Cabello's New boyfriend
Camila Cabello’s New boyfriend

Camila’s new boyfriend may be the talk of the town now but it is great to see her loving the concept of love yet again.  

Who is Austin Kevtich?

 The 31-year-old handsome man is a businessman. Austin Kevitch is the founder of “Lox Club”. It is a premium dating app that is accessible in the US and designed for people who have set extremely high standards for dating. This is kind of an exclusive club. However, Austin is lucky enough to find his love without scrolling through his own app. Camilla and Austin are now a couple, even though they didn’t officially confirm it. Post Shawn and Camilla’s breakup in November 2021, Camilla seemed to have got back in her dating game.

Austin is a Philadelphia-born businessman who had helped to match many potential couples through his app. This year, when he was answering the questions during an interview with “Bustle,” he claimed that his job becomes easier because he is single.

 “I definitely want a girlfriend, but also being single helps with running Lox Club because I know all the pain points that single people feel and I know exactly what I would want in an app,” “I think once I’m living ‘happily ever after with someone running off into the sunset, I won’t be as in touch with all the annoying things about dating.”

But now that he is committed, he is definitely going to be a lot busier in his personal life compared to his professional life. We hope the couple soon confirms their love and relationship.

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