When Will Evil West Be Out? Trailers, Gameplay, and Platforms

Except for the Red Dead series and a few independent games here and there, the Wild West is a largely unexplored setting for video games. Even rarer is the attempt at merging a western setting with traditional gothic horror, as in the third-person action game Evil West. This latest title from Flying Wild Hogs looks equally as gory and satisfying as its predecessors, Shadow Warrior 3, Trek to Yomi, and Space Punks.

Evil West
Evil West

When it was initially shown at the 2021 Game Awards, Evil West had a lot of impressive features to boast about. Since then, most of our time has been spent waiting for new developments and details to emerge. As this article is being written, however, we have been given pretty much all of the information we could desire about this forthcoming monster-killing western.

Not to be confused with Weird West or Evil Dead, here is everything you need to know about Evil West to help rid the American frontier of the vampire plague.

Evil West Release Date

Evil West was once only expected to be available sometime in 2022, but later its release date was pushed up to September 20. On the other hand, Focus Entertainment said in a tweet that the game’s release date would be pushed back to November 22, 2022, in order to give it further polish and make certain that it reaches its full potential.

Evil West Platforms

When it launches, Evil West will be playable on a wide variety of consoles and computers, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Evil West Trailer

The first gameplay footage of Evil West was shown off in the trailer that was unveiled at The Game Awards 2021. The game itself was already complete. The story is narrated by our main character, Jesse Rentier, who says that “upkeep, maintenance, and vigilance” are the three things that allowed him to escape the gothic monsters that were haunting the West.

Evil West
Evil West

Before we witness a succession of fast cuts between different combat encounters, navigation, and places, we show the revolting scourge tearing through a community as quickly as it can. This trailer reveals very little, if any, of the story that will unfold. However, we do get a glimpse of a second individual who joins forces with Jesse in the climactic moments that take place around a campfire just before an enormous vampire bat beast crashes through the screen and the video ends.

The release date of September was announced alongside the publication of the second Evil West trailer in June. Even though it begins with a scene that is very similar to the prior one, this one provides us with a little bit more information regarding the game. We are shown scenes of a vampire hand performing some type of magic in order to open a door, and we are also shown a map with Washington, District of Columbia circled in red and a knife inserted in it.

This is all accompanied by some more obtuse narration. After that, the second trailer is very similar to the first in that it features a significant amount of gameplay, several new sorts of enemies, and wacky environments. The official website offers the greatest context for this game and has the most information about the game itself. Jesse is one of the last remaining members of a shadowy society of vampire hunters.

This makes him, in a sense, the very last person standing between the United States of America and a new and sinister threat. Aside from that, the primary mission that has been given to you is to “grow up to become a Wild West Superhero.” What other form of incentive do you truly require?

Evil West Gameplay

With the exception of Trek to Yomi, the gameplay is the main focus of Evil West, just as it was in all of their previous games. This is an action game played from the third-person perspective, and it has both melee and ranged weaponry. In order to wipe out the opposition, you will have access to a wide array of lethal weapons and tools. While the third-person shooting appears standard, the up-close combat looks promising.

The melée combos are quick and stylish, and they appear to have a gratifying amount of heft, impact, and blood spray. You can throw your opponents around with an uppercut, then use your handgun to juggle them or even grab them and bash them into other opponents. Depending on the type of foe or weapon, the finishing move can also look really cool.

In addition to his lightning-fast dodging and blocking/parrying skills, Jesse also has the ability to temporarily transform into a lightning bolt. Besides the usual rifles and handguns, we also notice what appears to be a flame thrower and a number of other weapons. In addition, we know that there will be a leveling system of sorts that will allow you to get access to additional features,

Evil West
Evil West

however, no information whatsoever regarding this system has ever been revealed or explained. The game’s development will allow you to improve your weapons and equipment, but just how is a secret.

Evil West Multiplayer

Multiplayer support will be present in Evil West. The official site does indicate that the adventure can be played solo or with a companion in co-op, which may have been hinted at by the presence of a second character in the reveal video. Again, details on how this will function, such as whether it will be drop-in/drop-out or cross-play, remain hidden. At least for now, though, you may count on being able to recruit a friend to help you fight the vampires.


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