Is Black Clover Good Anime? Is This Show Worth Watching?

The original manga series Black Clover by Yuki Tabata was first released in Weekly Shonen Jump seven years ago in February 2022. The books in the series have together sold over 15 million copies since their inception. Beginning in October 2017, Studio Pierrot released a new anime television series based on Black Clover. Each episode is presented as a standalone story. Black Clover may not look like a well-regarded anime at first glance. But if you can make it through the first season, it will become an absolute classic. The Black Clover anime series is fantastic, and we hope to convince you of that in our review.

Black Clover Story

Asta, a young orphan, is the protagonist of Black Clover. Asta is a resident of a fantasy world where knights and magic are commonplace. One’s magic level determines their place in society, their upbringing, and their overall fortune in Black Clover. Most people around the world are born with a fixed amount of magical potential. Those who have little to no mana are looked down upon as lowlifes.

Asta the child was born without the talent to create magic. Despite this, he hopes to one day join the elite Magic Knights, who serve as the Clover Kingdom’s guards and defenders and rise to the position of Wizard King. Yuno, a young orphan who is good friends with Asta, has the same ambition. Yuno, in contrast to Asta, has had her extraordinary magical skills and abilities from birth.

Asta’s physiology responded to the rare Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire despite her lack of inherent magical abilities. Grimoires are books of magic used to learn powerful spells and increase one’s magical prowess. Although Asta lacked natural magical talent, he eventually mastered a special skill known as “anti-magic.” Asta’s anti-magic allows him to counteract nearly all forms of magic. His new grimoire also provides him with weapons that can deflect or redirect damaging spells, or even dispel them entirely.

Asta can stand out from the crowd thanks to his special skills, therefore he is quickly enlisted by the Black Bulls magic knights, widely regarded as the kingdom’s worst unit. Everyone in the group has good intentions despite their not-so-good image. Assuming he can outsmart Yuno, Asta hopes to become the Wizard King and use his newfound power to defend the Clover Kingdom from a variety of enemies.

Black Clover Characters

The show’s main character, Asta, was a target of much criticism not long after it premiered. Asta is a total nervous wreck. It’s not uncommon for him to be boisterous and annoying. That’s not completely false, but I find that fact to simply add to Asta’s charm. Asta may be a complete klutz, but his quirks also endear us to him. He’s always been the target of harassment and scorn from the general populace. He’s used to people making fun of him, not only because he’s noisy and annoying, but also because he can’t cast spells.

A lot of Asta’s loud, energetic attitude doesn’t prevent the show from having quieter moments here and there. Asta is deeper and more seasoned than meets the eye. Asta shows his true colors in moments where his actions could mean the difference between life and death. Except for Asta, the rest of the Black Clover cast consists of hilarious, endearing, and likable people, notably the members of the Black Bulls. Capt. Yami is the team’s lazy leader. Even though Yami can be a jerk at times, his genuine concern for his employees shines through.

Is Black Clover Good
Is Black Clover Good

Other Black Bulls squad members, including Luck Volta and Magna Swing, are shown to be more than just a squabbling bunch of outcasts throughout the episode. These people are related to one another. Everyone in the Black Bulls has been marginalized in some way by mainstream culture. Yami is a foreigner who washed up on the shores of the Clover Kingdom after getting lost at sea. Magna is a former punk criminal with a clean record.

The awkward and combat-obsessed Luck Volta. Pappitson, the charming one, is a glutton. Former nobleman and inmate Gauche Adlai has fallen on hard times. Grey is an extremely shy young woman who often disguises herself to feel more comfortable in social situations. Because of his upbringing, Gordon Agrippa struggles to communicate and interact with others. Final Roulacase has a reputation for being a perverse coward who was ignored and disowned by his wealthy family.

The Black Bulls are a tight-knit group that supports and encourages one another even though they all suffer from some form of social impairment. Some of the show’s most memorable moments involve the Black Bulls’ strong feeling of community and brotherhood. Fingal’s squad mates all come to his defense when he is terminally wounded by his little brother, Langris, in Episode 80 of the series, during the Royal Knights Selection Exam.

This moment epitomized how far the team had gone and how strong their relationships had become. Instinctively, they jumped to save their friend from harm. These are the types of events that make Black Clover so memorable.

Is Black Clover Good Anime?

Many have labeled Black Clover as having the normal ups and downs of a shonen anime. The show does have filler, it can be slow to get to the purpose, and the growth of some characters may leave viewers wanting more. Despite this, the pacing is usually worth the wait for what’s to come, and while certain characters feel like filler, Black Clover accomplishes character development fairly well overall.

Black Clover as a whole is incredibly popular, globally recognized, and frequently features on the most watched’ or ‘popular’ lists on the vast majority of anime streaming services, despite a shaky start.

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