Is Trans Actress Tommy Dorfman Engaged? She Announced Her Engagement

Tommy Dorfman, a 30-year-old actress who shot to popularity with roles in Love, Victor, 13 Reasons Why, and Insatiable is now engaged. On Monday, August 15, 2022, Tommy Dorfman, who came out as trans in a 2021 Time interview, Trans Actress Tommy Dorfman Is Engaged.

After Peter Zurkuhlen, her five-year husband filed for divorce on February 2, 2022, Tommy began dating women. With Broad Ideas hosts Rachel Bilson and Olivia Allen, Tommy opened up a little bit about her recently formed relationship with her fiancé.

Who Is Tommy Dorfman’s Fiancé?

Tommy made a brief appearance on the Broad Ideas episode that was broadcast on August 15, 2022, and discussed her engagement at that time. She informed Rachel and Olivia that she had found the person she would spend the rest of her life with.

_Is Trans Actress Tommy Dorfman Engaged
_Is Trans Actress Tommy Dorfman Engaged

She claimed that her engagement with her fiancé was the first romantic interaction she had with a woman in a long time. Tommy withheld information regarding how they met and their relationship’s duration. Tommy made a quick mention of her divorce. The stars split in June 2021, and the papers were filed in February 2022. In July 2021, Tommy came out as trans, and she also talked about her choice to start dating again after a five-year marriage.

Tommy Told The Hosts Of ‘broad Ideas’ That She Would Have Transitioned Earlier Was It Not For ’13 Reasons Why?

Tommy discussed her change in his Broad Ideas podcast interview. She added that she chose not to transition since she wanted to concentrate on her job. Ryan Shaver was portrayed by Tommy in 13 Reasons Why. I was briefly stuck in time, she admitted. “I had to compartmentalize and store a lot of the things that I believed I was going to focus on or accomplish for my personal development.”

“I think it delayed some of my growth and maturation in my mid-twenties because my work was so wedded to my body and face and identity or whatever I had been labeled as,” she added. “And I believe that out of fear, I also made choices that were just out of line with who I truly was and what I really desired. Because it felt like a safe, secure environment, I most likely got married for the first time out of necessity.

Tommy Dorfman Revealed Her Engagement.

As she revealed during a Monday visit on Rachel Bilson’s Broad Ideas podcast, Trans Actress Tommy Dorfman Is Engaged. The actress chose to refer to her fiancee only as “a lesbian female” and an Aries, not saying much else about her. Dorfman stated, “I fell in love with someone who doesn’t fetishize me,” adding that her fiancee had even assisted her with estrogen shots, giving the first one and FaceTiming her for following early ones.

The 13 Reasons Why actress dug deep on her own as Dorfman remained silent about the name of her fiancé. She acknowledged that the show that made her famous and her early professional success, which left her feeling “locked in time,” contributed to the delay in her transition.

“I would have started transitioning a lot sooner if I hadn’t booked that job,” Dorfman claimed. “I think part of my growth and some of my maturation in my mid-20s was delayed because my work (was) so wedded to my body and face and identity, or whatever I had been labeled as,” the author says.

Further stating that she had “always felt that I wasn’t really meant for the world I was living in,” Dorfman said. I should have been born in the 1980s or something, you know how people are? I’ve always felt that way. However, she discovered that she is “absolutely destined for this body, meant for this moment, and meant for this world” after the transition. I just spent 28 years wearing a sweater that was three sizes too small, which is a dysphoric statement if ever we heard one.

Dorfman’s s*xual orientation changed along with her transition, as is quite typical for trans people. She transitioned from self-identifying as a homos*xual male to a nonbinary person to a straight trans woman to a trans lesbian, according to her own words. According to her comments on the show, transition sparked an “interest in women in a level that I hadn’t really been aware of since high school.” However, it wasn’t always simple to change.

Because I believed I had secure relationships with every woman in my life because they perceived me as a gay man, Dorfman said he was afraid to confess he might be attracted to women. “Oh no, will any of my girlfriends ever trust me again if I transition, do I tell people that I might just be a lesbian or bis*xual?”

Thankfully, Dorfman now appears to be reasonably at ease with who she is. Following the announcement of her divorce from her ex-husband, Peter Zurkuhlen, in February, came the news of her engagement. Dorfman has stated that it was more a matter of redefining their relationship as friends, in contrast to the public perception of celebrity divorces as being dramatic and tear-filled. She told Time, “Transitioning has been liberating and clarifying.” We adore witnessing happy splits and radiant new beginnings! Best wishes to Dorfman and her unidentified fiance.

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