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Jonah Hill Deleted His Instagram Account After Revealing Anxiety Issues

Jonah Hill Deleted His Instagram Account

Jonah Hill Deleted His Instagram Account

After revealing he had an anxiety attack, Jonah Hill deleted his Instagram account. Jonah Hill has decided to sever relations with his devoted fan base.

There’s been some confusion over whether the “Superbad” actor deactivated his Instagram account before or after he opened up about his nearly two decades of anxiety episodes in a letter he published this week.

Since going public about his mental health issues, Hill has claimed he will no longer make public appearances on Instagram, where he previously shared pictures of his surfer-bro lifestyle, praise for his sister Beanie Feldstein, and the rare snap of his fiancée Sarah Brady.

Jonah Hill Deleted Instagram Account

Hill, 38, wrote in a statement to Deadline on Wednesday about his lack of promotion for his upcoming documentary, “Stutz,” which details his mental health struggles, “I have come to the understanding that I have spent nearly 20 years experiencing anxiety attacks, which are exacerbated by media appearances and public-facing events.”

The Wolf of Wall Street actor has indicated that he is taking precautions against the stresses of fame by not promoting the film.

“If I made myself sicker by going out there and promoting it, I wouldn’t be acting true to myself or to the film,” he stated. “With this letter and with ‘Stutz,’ I’m hoping to make it more normal for people to talk and act on this stuff.”

“So they can take steps towards feeling better and so that the people in their lives might understand their issues more clearly.”

Hill and Brady were last spotted on a red carpet together at the premiere of Hill’s Netflix film “Don’t Look Up” in December 2021. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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